Student Internship Program (SIP)

In 2016, the Office of Campus Life and Student Learning launched the Student Internship Program at Modesto Junior College. This program allowed ten MJC students the opportunity to work in offices on campus as student ambassadors and learn basic leadership roles, and job skills as they apply in the workplace.  Interns worked side by side staff learning the business of how a college operates. Students were assigned to the Campus Life office and the Basic Skills/Outreach office. Each intern was awarded a $500 honorarium made possible by the donation of Roy Shlemon Foundation and the MJC Foundation.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Internship Program (SIP) is to develop, engage, and teach students leadership, job skills, and professional development through participation in campus departments.  

What Happens in SIP?

For the Fall and Spring semesters, Student Interns are assigned to various departments on campus.  Students will work side by side staff, learning the business of how a college operates.

Why Should I Participate in SIP?

This is a great chance to be a better leader, to develop professional skills and to grow!  This program is also a fantastic reference to have on your professional resume, plus you are awarded a $500 honorarium!

How Can I Apply?

We are currently not accepting applications

2018-2019 MJC Interns/Student Ambassadors