Project GIVE



What is the Project GIVE program?

Project GIVE provides MJC students with the opportunity to participate in campus and community service programs and opportunities.  

What happens in the Project GIVE program?

Students who participate in the Project GIVE program get the opportunity to provide community service on and off-campus.  Students who sign up for the program are given a list of volunteer opportunities and a volunteer verification sheet to account for hours served.  Students who successfully complete 25 hours of service earn a Project GIVE t-shirt.  Students who successfully complete a minimum of 50 hours of service are eligible for the Campus Life William Tumblin Volunteer of the Year Award.

Why should I participate in Project GIVE?

This is a great opportunity to be a better leader for your club, school, and community. This program is also a fantastic reference to have on your professional resume. If you are a part of any MJC club, activity, sports, or student government, Project GIVE will enhance existing leadership skills.  If you are not in any other activity, participation in this program will help you connect with other resources and activities on campus.

Who is eligible?

Any MJC student who is currently enrolled in courses is eligible to apply for the Project GIVE program. 


Project GIVE 2019-2020 Application


Project Give Volunteer Sheet