Student's Rights and Responsibilities

Modesto Junior College strives to provide services to our students to ensure academic success. A crucial part of this success is clear and easy access to policies and protecting the privacy of student records.

Student Rights and Responsibilities include, but is not limited to, responsibilities relating to attending MJC and class attendance, right to petition for specific consideration, Academic Freedom and acceptable standards of student conduct and behavior.

Responsibilities Relating to Attending MJC

Modesto Junior College strives to make students aware of the varied educational programs that it offers and to provide smooth access to these programs. Once enrolled, the college provides many services to ensure success. Each student is required to:

  • Express at least a broad educational intent upon admission (educational goal and educational program)
  • Declare a specific educational goal by the time 15 units are earned
  • Participate in assessment, orientation, counseling and advising prior to registration
  • Complete an educational plan with a counselor in the semester following the completion of 15 units
  • Diligently attend class
  • Complete assigned work
  • Abide by the Student Code of Conduct
  • Read and obey all published college rules and regulations
  • Officially enroll in every class before the "add" deadline date and pay all fees within 10 days of enrollment
  • Complete courses and maintain progress toward an educational goal according to standards established by the college

It is the Responsibility of Each Student to:

  • Inform the Enrollment Services Office of changes in personal data (name, birthdate, social security number, or email)
  • Enroll in each class
  • Complete each class or withdraw officially
  • Submit legal, not fraudulent documents
  • Pay all fees and obligations owed to the college

Responsibilities Relating to Class Attendance

All students enrolled at Modesto Junior College are expected to be punctual and attend classes regularly. Instructors are encouraged to announce to their students their policies regarding excessive absences or tardiness at the beginning of the semester. When an instructor determines that a student's absences are excessive, the instructor may drop the student from the class. It is the student's responsibility to discuss anticipated and/or extensive absences with the instructor. No absence relieves the student of the responsibility of completing all work assigned. Any student who fails to attend class regularly may be dropped; however, it is the responsibility of the student to complete the course or to officially withdraw from a class. Tardiness may be treated as an absence.

Right to Petition for Specific Consideration

A student may petition for issues related to specific courses (i.e., grade correction, residency, course repeat due according to Title 5 regulations). Issues that relate to missed deadlines and graduation requirements are not petitionable. Petitions are reviewed by the MJC Petitions Committee, and in some instances, input is provided by departments, division deans and/or instructors. Petition forms are available in the Enrollment Services Office, located on the East Campus in the Student Services Building, 1st Floor. Permission to take excess units and maximum repeats of a course are done through the Counseling Center in the Student Services Building, Room 226. Academic Renewal applications are also available in the Enrollment Services Office in the Student Services Building, 1st Floor. Petition forms for Prerequisite/Co-requisite Challenge, No-Show verifications, and Credit-by-Examination are available in Division Offices.

Right to Challenge a Prerequisite

Any student may challenge a prerequisite on the grounds that (1) it was not established in accordance with the District's policy; (2) it is in violation of Title 5; (3) it is discriminatory; (4) student can succeed even though student has not completed the prerequisite; or (5) student will be subject to undue delay because the prerequisite has not been made reasonably available. To challenge a prerequisite, the student must complete a prerequisite challenge form (available in the Division Office for the discipline of the course to be challenged) and state the basis for the challenge. A committee from the Division in which the class is offered will review each petition and render a decision within five working days. It is the responsibility of the student to provide information that supports the challenge.