Guided Self-Placement

What is Guided Self-Placement?

The Guided Self-Placement tool for English and math provides students with the ability to rate their level of comfort with math problems, English prompts, and reading passages. Students receive course placement results after completing the questionnaire.

Who should take the Guided Self-Placement?

Students who want to enroll in English and/or math courses and have been out of high school for more than 10 years or fall into other circumstances where course placement based on high school GPA does not apply must complete the Guided Self-Placement tool.

Complete the Guided Self-Placement here:

English Guided Self-Placement Button    Math Guided Self-Placement button    

Understanding English and Math Placement:

Most students will be placed into transfer-level math, however it is important to choose an appropriate math course is based on your major and educational goals. If you have any questions about your English or Math placement, please talk with your counselor.