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Step 1: Apply Online
Step 2: Access your MJC Email 
Step 3: College Orientation 
Step 4: Assessment Testing 
Step 5: Education Plan
Step 6: Official Transcripts
Step 7: Apply for Financial Aid
Step 8: Register for Classes
Step 9: Pay Fees

Need help?

Contact the friendly Admissions Office staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

International students should start by visiting our Information for International Students.

Modesto Junior College

Priority Registration

Priority registration is designed for students who enroll in MJC for the purpose of a degree or certificate attainment, transfer to a four-year college or university, or career advancement. Students who have completed the Core Steps (orientation, math & English placement, and developed an education plan) and maintained good academic standing will be granted higher priority for registration.

The Enrollment Services office notifies students of their registration dates and times by email. The information is also available to students on PiratesNet. 

Core Step Deadlines:
  • Spring 2019         October 15, 2018
  • Summer 2019      March 11, 2019
  • Fall 2019              April 22, 2019
  • Spring 2020         October 14, 2019

Priority Groups:

Level 1: Military/Veterans, Foster Youth (and former foster youth), and students in the following programs: Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOP&S), Accessibility Support Center (formerly known as Disabled Student Programs and Services/DSPS), and CalWorks. 

Level 2: College Designated Programs

Level 3: Continuing, Returning, & New Students who completed all three Core Steps by deadline. 

Level 4: Continuing, Returning, & New Students who did not complete all three Core Steps by deadline and Dual Enrolled students. 

Level 5: All other students

Please note: Within each level, registration appointments are assigned based on unit completion.


Spring 2019 Registration Dates

Summer 2019 Registration Dates Fall 2019 Registration Dates
  • Level 1: Military/Veterans; Foster Youth; Homeless Youth; CalWORKs; DSPS; EOPS
  • Level 2: Groups determined by College
  • Level 3: Continuing & New Students – Matriculated
  • Level 4: Continuing & New Students – NOT Matriculated & Dual Enrolled High School Students
October 29 - November 30 March 25 - April 19  May 6 - June 14

Open Registration

  • Level 5: All other students
December 03 - January 13 April 22 - May 5 June 17 - August 25

Open Registration: All students who do not meet the criteria for levels 1-4, who completed requirements after the college established deadline or have applied after registration dates and times have been issued.

Loss of Priority Registration

New & continuing students may lose registration priority if they: 1) earn more than 100 degree applicable units at MJC, or 2) are on academic probation for 2 or more terms. If a student loses priority registration they may appeal to have priority registration reinstated.

  • Complete the Appeal for Loss of Priority Registration and submit it to Enrollment Services.
  • Provide a written statement as to why registration priority should be reinstated. 
  • Provide documentation as to the extenuating circumstance or significant academic improvement.
  • Submitted appeals will be reviewed and a decision will be send to MJC student email. 

Foster youth and former foster youth who are 24 years or less are exempt from losing registration priority based on 100 units or more or for failing to meet minimum academic standards.

Enrollment Services

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