The “Disability Services Program” (Disabled Student Programs and Services) at Modesto Junior College is to provide students with disabilities access to postsecondary education through supportive services and/or instruction as well as promote better understanding of the needs of individuals with disabilities. The DSPS Program provides support services, specialized instruction and educational accommodations to students with disabilities so they can participate as fully and benefit as equitably from the college experience, as their non-disabled peers.


Students can receive free tutoring from the Library & Learning Center, which include one-on-one and group tutoring in multiple subjects, such as science, math, and writing. Students can make an appointment to see a tutor. Tutorial Services are offered on both west and east campuses.


Students who have children and are in need of child care resources and assistance should contact the Family & Consumer Services located on West Campus John Muir Hall Room 157, or call (209) 575-6989.

 Modesto Junior College Job Placement Program provides MJC students and graduates an opportunity to connect with employers.  Our program provides job leads and referrals to part-time and/or full-time job openings.  Employment opportunities range from Customer Service, Clerical, Law Enforcement, Health, Child Care, etc. to professional positions.


The Student Support Services Program (SSS) is a collegiate program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to promote student success, retention, graduation and/or transfer to a four-year institution, by providing innovative curricular and supportive services.


Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) is a Student Services support program designed to assist financially and educationally disadvantaged students who are pursuing academic and vocational goals at MJC.


The Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) Program is a supplemental component of Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOP&S). CARE is designed to provide educational and economic support services above and beyond what is provided through county and campus support services to single parents who have a child 13 years of age or younger, and are receiving TANF.


In the Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOP&S) Bridge Program, students participate in a learning community. The MJC EOP&S Program partners with Stanislaus County, Community Services Agency, and several other local agencies to provide students with a way to discover a new career path.  Participants in the Bridge Program are former Foster Youth, former Wards of the Court, or EOP&S eligible students. Students take classes together for 15 weeks; learning all the basic skills necessary to achieve their educational goals