Full-time Status

You must be enrolled full-time for each of the two academic semesters (fall and spring). Summer is optional. Full-time is registering for, and completing, 12 units. Important: The equivalent of only one on-line or distance learning class (or three units) will be counted toward the full-course of study requirement.

You may be authorized to take a Reduced Course Load (RCL) under the following circumstances. A reduced course load must still consist of at least six units:

Academic Reasons:

·Initial difficulty with English language or reading requirements. This reason will only be accepted in your first year of academic course work.

·Unfamiliarity with American teaching methods

·Improper course level placement

You must request permission to take a RCL before dropping below full-time. If you do not receive authorization from the DSO (International Student Program) being in a RCL you will be considered out-of-status.

You can only be authorized for a RCL one semester during any one course of study at a particular academic level. You must register for a full course of study in the next academic semester (excluding summer) after being authorized to be in a RCL.

Medical Reasons:

You may be authorized to reduce your course load due to an illness or medical condition. You must bring in a letter from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy or a licensed clinical psychologist to the DSO before dropping below a full course of study. If the illness requires you to be in less than full-time for two semesters, a second letter must be given to the DSO before the beginning of the second semester (excluding summer). You may not be authorized to be in less than full-time for medical reasons for more than one year (twelve months) for any one course of study.

You will be considered to be out-of-status if the course load reduction is not authorized before dropping below full-time.