1. How much does it cost to attend MJC?

You are required to submit a financial statement for a minimum of $17,000. This amount covers $7,500 for tuition and fees, $ 7,500 for living expenses, and $2,000 for health insurance, books, and other personal needs such as transportation. This is a very frugal budget and you have to live very carefully to live within this budget. Please see this page for an explanation of the tuition and fees.

2. How much is the per unit cost and how many units do I need to take to be full-time student?

The cost per unit is $336 and you must be registered for at least twelve units each semester (fall and spring).

3. Is there on-campus housing?

No, we do not have dormitories or on-campus apartments. However, International Student Placements provides homestay services for students to live near the campus.

4. When does school begin?

The fall semester begins at the end of August and the spring semester begins early in January. International students are required to come to campus one week before those dates for an orientation program designed especially for them.

5. When do I register and pay my fees?

Registration is done shortly before the semester begins and fees need to be paid before students register for the following semester.

6. Do I need to take any tests once I arrive?

All students go through the placement process prior to enrolling in Math or English/ESL classes. In some cases, this may be done remotely.

7. Do you provide transportation from the airport?

Unfortunately, this service is not available.

8. What is the TOEFL or IELTS score that MJC requires?

MJC requires a TOEFL score of at least 60. The required IELTS score is 6.

9. Must I be a high school graduate to attend MJC?

All international students must have completed high school (or the equivalent) to be admitted to MJC. There is no strict requirement on grades; however, the student must have attained grades that show an aptitude for college level work.

10. Where can I get an International Student Application?

The International Admission Application is available here.

11. Can I work while I am going to school?

All students who are in F-1 status may work on campus up to 20 hours per week while school is in session. However, on-campus jobs are very difficult to find. Please make sure you understand the rules for working as an F-1 student, which you can find here. Working unauthorized can result in termination of your F-1 status.

12. Can I get financial assistance or scholarship to help pay my bills?

Federal financial aid is not are not available to F-1 students. You may be eligible for scholarships once you have attended MJC for at least one semester.

13. Do I have to go to school full-time?

Yes, you are required to go to school full-time during both the fall and spring semesters. Summer semester is optional.

14. Is there a public transportation system in Modesto?

Yes. If you are residing within Modesto, you can ride a bus via MAX (Modesto Area Express) and StaRT (Stanislaus Regional Transit). MJC students can ride MAX and START for free.

15. What activities and clubs are available at MJC?

Please see the Campus Life page for a listing of available activities, clubs and events on campus.