Steps to a Successful Transfer


Take charge of your transfer program at Modesto Junior College and make sure you understand the transfer process. The following checklist may help guide you:

All this information will be covered in the Guidance Classes. Be sure to take a Guidance class your first semester at MJC.

• Think long-term: Don't wait to start thinking about where you will transfer. Research potential schools and programs that you might be interested in.

• When you begin classes at Modesto Junior College, make an appointment to meet with a counselor and develop an educational plan. Begin taking classes and completing the general requirements that correspond to the school where you want to end up. This will help you save time and money by avoiding classes you don't need.

• Make sure you complete your English 101, Critical Thinking Course, Transfer-level Math and if you are going to a CSU, Speech 100. 102, 110 as soon as you can. These are the Golden four, three if going to a UC, which absolutely must be completed prior to transfer. Transfer students must also complete 60 transferable units.

• Complete transfer level English and Math courses early.

• When you meet with a counselor inquire about the general education requirements for a CSU and/or a UC and the lower division preparation required for your major. Visit

• Ask a counselor or the transfer center about Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) programs and their requirements. To complete a TAG you need to have completed a minimum of 30 transferable units the summer before you transfer and you will complete the additional 30 required the spring prior to transfer. You will be required to complete a minimum of 60 transferrable units to transfer.

• *Ask a counselor about the CSU and IGETC transfer patterns. Make sure you understand which pattern you should be following and whether or not your major recommends that you complete either pattern. (Some high-unit majors recommend that you do not complete the transfer GE pattern but rather the major prep.)

• Become familiar with the Transfer Center and take advantage of our services. Check the website for events which include workshops, college representative appointments, campus trips, etc.

• Make sure you understand what a transferable G.P.A. is and understand which courses transfer to a CSU vs. a UC.

• *Review the MJC catalog and make sure you understand academic regulations, prerequisites and transfer requirements.

• Visit the campus (es) you are considering and make sure the campus you choose is the right fit for you. If you cannot visit the campus, do research on the internet and by checking out the campus catalogs. (Transfer Center has a library of college catalogs which are available for check out. Free campus visits to different campuses are also offered to MJC students every semester.)

Once you have decided on a campus and a major, check the college catalog with your counselor and on the website to make sure you are on the right path

• Complete and file **application(s) to the UC, CSU a year prior to your transfer date. For example if you are planning on transferring in the fall of 2018, you will need to apply during the fall of 2017. The CSU priority application filing period is October 1 - November 30th and for the UC it is November 1 -30th. Students who plan to transfer in the spring or winter will need to apply the summer prior. (Check with your counselor or Transfer Center for specific dates)

**through for the California State System and for the UC system.

• If you are transferring to a private or out-of-state institution, check with your counselor for specific dates. (You may visit the Career Development and Transfer Center for assistance in completing your application(s). The Transfer Center also offers Workshops on the application process, including how to write an effective personal statement.)

• If you will need financial assistance, be sure to complete the online FAFSA application at

• If you will need assistance from the Disabled Student Services program, contact the specific campus and inquire about available services.

• During your last semester at MJC, request to have your GE certified by the evaluations office. You may also want to apply for graduation at this time. Check with a counselor.

• Check your portal at the campus you plan to transfer to, to see when you need to send your transcripts.

• Let the Transfer Center know where you will be transferring as they have a Transfer Reception to celebrate your success!

• You are on your way. Please check with the MJC Transfer Center if you have additional questions about the transfer process.

*All this information will be covered in the Guidance Classes. Be sure to take a Guidance class your first semester at MJC.