After You Apply

Monitor Communications

CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY & READ CAREFULLY! All universities expect that you will be keeping an eye out for all communications from them, without being reminded to. This includes any and all emails they send to the email address you provided in your application and any phone calls made to the phone number you provided in your application. If you miss something because you were not paying attention to the information your chosen school sent to you, it may impact the status of your application.

Check For Deadlines

Make sure you are aware of any and all deadlines. The school you have applied to will either have these deadlines listed on their website, or they will email you with the information. It is your responsibility to ensure you are meeting all deadlines and submitting all paperwork being asked of you. The Transfer Center strongly recommends the use of a personal planner or the calendar app on your phone to keep track of important dates and deadlines.

Remember Your Password

You may or may not be asked to sign back in to your application after you have submitted it. One of the primary reasons for doing so is to update your grades for the fall semester. All University of California and most California State University schools will require you to do so.

Contact The School You Applied To

If you have questions or concerns about an email you received or a process you are being asked to complete, contact the school first.

Sending Official Transcripts

Sending official transcripts to your chosen school is one of the most important aspects of the transfer process. Failure to send official transcripts by the specified deadline, will most likely result in your application being cancelled. To submit a request to have an official transcript sent to another school, go to National Student Clearinghouse and click on the green "Order-Track-Verify" button to get started. If you need additional assistance, please watch the video guide below.

If the video does not load, click here to view in another window.