Career Development & Transfer Center Mission Statement

The Center consists of three distinct programs: Career Development, Transfer and Job Placement. For each function, the primary mission is to provide accurate, updated information and resources to assist students in making effective decisions and choices in regards to Career, Transfer to a 4-year institution as well availability of job opportunities and obtaining knowledge of current job hunting techniques.

Career Development & Transfer Center
Service  Area Outcomes (SAO)

1.Student will know the process to successfully access resources at the Career Development & Transfer Center. (SAO)

Support Service Learning Outcomes (SSLO)

1. Students will understand the necessary steps in the application process to apply to the UC and/or CSU, and will demonstrate this knowledge through the electronic submission of their application. (SSLO)
2. Students will be knowledgeable of the Career Development & Transfer Center resources. (SSLO)

The Career Development & Transfer Center provides currently enrolled students, prospective students, staff members and the community with information pertaining to general career, transfer, and job placement information/resources. The helpful, friendly staff invites you to take advantage of the valuable services available through the center.

Calendar of Events

Career Services
The mission of the Career Development Center is to provide students with updated and accurate information and resources to assist them in making informed decisions regarding employment, major, and/or career choices. This is accomplished by providing comprehensive career discovery activities for our diverse population of students and alumni.

Transfer Services
The mission of the Transfer Center is to provide current information and support to assist students who are exploring transfer options to other institutions of higher learning. The Transfer Center serves as a resource which provides a variety of programs and activities designed to make transfer from the community college to a baccalaureate granting institution as successful as possible. The Transfer Center has developed a strong working relationship with the University of California, the California State Universities as well as private colleges and universities throughout the state.

Job Placement Services
The mission of the Job Placement Program is to provide students and graduates an opportunity to connect with employers in order to obtain employment.  Our program provides a wide variety of employment related services for students and alumnus as well as job leads and referrals to part-time and/or full-time job openings.  Employment opportunities range from Customer Service, Clerical, Healthcare, Child Care, Retail, etc. Bi-annual job fairs are also offered in the fall and spring semesters.