Work-based Learning

How do I get a job without any experience? How do I get experience without having a job? This is a dilemma many students face as they prepare to enter the workforce in their field of study. Work-Based Learning allows students to combine their classroom learning with professional work experience.

You’ll focus on:

1. Continue to search and participate in opportunities that will help you develop the qualities and skills employers are looking for such as leadership, analytical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills.

    • Join a student organization, volunteer, or obtain a job that will provide you with an opportunity to learn and engage in a professional environment.

2. Expand portfolio to include volunteer activities, student organization participation, completed certificates and employment (Exploration & Preparation activities).

3. Research internship options and develop and internship on your own or with the help of Career Services Center staff.

4. Expand professional network through networking opportunities.

    • Attend a Career Fair or Mixer
    • Join a professional organization in relation to field of study