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MJC Career Development Workshops 

CSC Orientation
This one hour workshop is designed to educate students and alumni of all available services and resources the Career Services Center offers.

Goal Setting
Participants will walk away from this workshop with a clear understanding of how to plan, create and execute an action plan towards completing their personal and professional goals.  They will also learn strategies and techniques to set achievable short and long-term goals.

Choosing A Career Path
Participants will learn how to choose a career best suited for them by outlining career goals, getting to know who they are, comparing job requirements to their education, aligning core values with their passions and determining money choices.

Soft Skills The Game Changer
The goal of this workshops is to education students of the "Top 10" most important soft skills strategies, and techniques when building a resume, interviewing and marketing themself to employers 

Time Management
This workshop is designed to teach individuals how to effectively manage time as well as accomplish task in both your professional and personal life.

Resume/Cover Letter Writing
Learn to create an effective cover letter and resume, or improve the one you already have.  Make the most of your work experience and education by letting your resume speak for your.  This workshop is designed to provide participants with detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide on writing effective resumes and cover letters.

Job Search and Interview Techniques
This workshop will empower individuals with knowledge, helpful tips and strategies to search for work and make the best first impression.  Participants will learn to prepare for an interview as well as practice specific interview techniques.  

Creating The Professional You
This workshop is designed to help individuals learn how to market themselves from a professional aspect in a way that allows them to stand out from the rest in an increasingly competitive job market. 

Career Program Specialist School Point of Contact


Nicole Eddlemon:
School Of Agriculture
Fitness and Health Professions
Arts, Performance and the Humanities
Language Arts and Education
Public Safety

LaKiesha McDonald:
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Business and Computing
Industry and Trades
Science and Mathematics