Faculty and Staff Resources

 As faculty and staff, we recognize the powerful impact you have on the career path of our students and we welcome opportunities to collaborate with you to meet their career development needs.

There are many ways for MJC faculty and staff to partner with the Career Services Center.


How the Career Services Center Can Help:

Request a classroom presentation via zoom: We are willing to bring information directly to your class on a wide range of career and professional preparation topics.  Please contact LaKiesha McDonald (575-6655, mcdonaldl@mjc.edu) or Nicole Eddlemon (575-7794, eddlemonn@mjc.edu) to request an appointment. 

Collaborate with the Career Services Center: We are always looking for ways to work with faculty/staff to best serve our students.  We can help you plan, market and document your career-related events, courses, or groups. 

Career Meeting Space: Suspended During Coronavirus.

How You Can Help the Career Services Center:

Refer students to the Career Services Center: REFER STUDENTS HERE We appreciate your referrals.  Many students seek out faculty and staff guidance when considering careers.  Please refer your students to us for career-related information, introduce them to our website, and encourage them to participate in our professional readiness workshops.  For faster service please email LaKiesha McDonald (575-6655, mcdonaldl@mjc.edu) or Nicole Eddlemon (575-7794, eddlemonn@mjc.edu)

Meet with employers interested in hiring students: Employers are eager to engage with a variety of academic departments.  Let us know if you are interested in connecting with employers and direct employers to the Career Services Center for recruiting services.

Include us in your career related curriculum: Feel free to contact us with any request for collaboration with your career related curriculum.  Common activities include: resume writing, assessments, career exploration activities, and credit for visiting the Career Services Center or workshop participation.