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Career Services Center (CSC) offers career assistance focused on career exploration and professional readiness.  Our experienced and friendly staff are available to help you take control of your career journey by providing you with a robust career development program that helps you make informed, intentional career decisions. 

Look For Work Here: JOBSPEAKER

Jobspeaker Horn JOBSPEAKER: Modesto Junior College provides students and alumni free access to the newest online job posting platform JOBSPEAKER.  Jobspeaker does something that no other web app does.  It helps you in every phase of your job search by allowing you to save jobs you find, and track all your job search information, tasks, and events in one place. Allowing you to search for jobs anywhere from your computer or phone.  Sign up for Jobspeaker here

Student Eligibility
Currently enrolled, alumni or transferred from Modesto Junior College 

Step One: Create an account on Jobspeaker

Step Two: Apply online from a computer or the mobile application via the Jobspeaker App on your smart phone.

Step Three: When actively job seeking, check your Jobspeaker account often.

For best results with Jobspeaker use Google Chrome as your browser.  For instructions on how to create your profile click on the Step by Step Student Registration Instructions below the Preparation preparation icon.

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