Policies & Procedures

Submitting Optional Fee Waivers

Each semester, students may choose to waive the optional Student Representation and/or Student Activity fees by submitting a completed Optional Fee Waiver Form. Students may waive fees only for semesters they are currently enrolled. Fees may not be submitted for past terms.

Students may find the online Optional Fee Waiver Form here.

Field Trip Reservations & Cancellations


Students who wish to attend a class field trip must have a $0 balance on their student account prior to requesting a reservation. Field Trip fees must be paid at the time the reservation is made. Instructors will provide details of the field trip including: meeting times, meeting locations, and trip itineraries. Reservations and payments may be made in the MJC Business Services office.


Students who wish to cancel their spot on a field trip must do so before the payment deadline as set by the instructor. Refunds of trip fees will appear as a credit on the student’s account. Refund details and instructions may be found here. Cancellations may be requested in the MJC Business Services office prior to the payment deadline. Cancellation requests made after the payment deadline must be approved by the instructor in writing.

Returned Check Policy

Checks returned to Modesto Junior College for any reason may be considered as a non-payment of fees. MJC reserves the right to place a $25.00 fee, in addition to the original fee(s), on a student’s account for any check payment returned for any reason. Returned checks may result in the loss of the privilege to pay by check.

Returned Card Payment Policy

Any chargeback of card transactions paid to Modesto Junior College for any reason may be considered as a non-payment of fees. MJC reserves the right to place a $25.00 fee, in addition to the original fee(s), on a student’s account for any chargeback card transaction for any reason.

Maximum Balance Policies

Carryover Balance Maximum

Students may be prohibited from registering for additional classes or semesters due to an outstanding balance exceeding $199.99. Students may consider making partial payments to lower their balance in order to continue with registration. Find more information about payments here.

Additional Fees Balance Maximum

A $0 balance is required of students who wish to add additional fees to their account for products or services. This includes, but is not limited to, field trips, additional class materials, course audit fees, records and admissions fees, or contest entry fees.

Refund Policy

Student’s may request a refund of their outstanding credit balance. Refund processing takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks from the request submission date.

A $10 processing fee may be assessed for refunds of enrollment fees equal to, or more than, $10.00 in accordance with California Code of Regulations, §58508. Credit balances which result from a CCPG fee waiver approval may be exempt from the processing fee.

Refunds of payments made by debit/credit card may be credited back to the originating account within 90 days of payment. If the credit cannot be submitted to the originating account for any reason, the refund will be disbursed as a check made payable to the student.

Refunds of payment made by cash or check may be disbursed as a check made payable to the student. Refunds will not be processed until the original form of payment has been cleared by the bank.

Instructions for requesting a refund may be found here.

Outstanding Credit Policy

Students with an outstanding credit may carry this amount for two academic years. Credits will automatically be applied to any fees or charges incurred during this period. Any remaining credit which has not been requested for refund will be forfeited at the expiration of this time period.

Outstanding Debt Policy

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees of classes and services for which they are registered. Failure to attend classes will not release a student from this financial obligation to Modesto Junior College. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes by the applicable deadlines as noted on the student’s class schedule, the posted Class Schedule, and the posted Academic Calendar.

Failure to pay all fees may result in restrictions placed on a student’s account to prohibit class registration or access to services on campus. Delinquent outstanding balances may result in the student account being sent to collections.

Find more information about how to make a payment here

Chancellor's Office Tax Offset Program (COTOP)

The Chancellor’s Office Tax Offset Program (COTOP) may be used to collect outstanding debts on an MJC student’s account. This program allows MJC to submit outstanding balances to the State of California for collection through the State Franchise Tax Board. Debt is offset or deducted from any state tax refunds and/or lottery winnings the student may be receiving. For more information, please contact MJC Business Services.