The PIT Crew (Pathways Implementation Team) is made up of faculty, classified professionals, and administrative leaders. We meet to discuss feedback from the college and how we can institutionalize Guided Pathways in a collaborative fashion.

PIT Crew Membership

Alicia Arceo, Program Specialist
Amy Carvelho, ASMJC Senator
Andrew Kranzman, English Faculty
Angelica Guzman, Director of Enrollment Services
Ashley Griffith
, Dean of Student Services
Belen Robinson, Counseling Faculty
Chad Redwing, Humanities Faculty
Christian Million, Senior Research Analyst
Curtis Martin
, History Faculty
Dejeune Shelton, Director of Career Services
Flerida Arias
, VP of Student Services
Hans Hauselmann, Communications, History Faculty
Jennifer Zellet, VP of Instruction
Judith Martinez, Director of Student Services
Laura Maki
, Dean of Science, Math, & Engineering
Liz Camboia, Program Specialist
Manny Walsh, Recorder
Matthew Lopez-Phillips, Dean of Student Services
Patrick Bettencourt, Dean of Instruction 
Rob Stevenson, Co-Lead, Art Faculty
Santanu Bandyopadhyay, Interim President
Sarah Schrader, VP of College Administrative Svcs
Shelley Circle, English Faculty
Tiffnie Versola, IT Business Analyst
Tina Giron, Co-Lead, Counseling Faculty
Vacant, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness