Volume 3 Issue 2 (Jan 2021)

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By Flerida Aria

Welcome Back! January, 2021 certainly is the month of many new beginnings and historic events. A new semester, release of COVID19 vaccine, Martin Luther King, Jr. remembered, a Presidential inauguration, along with the first woman to become Vice President of the United States. As a woman of color, Vice President-elect Harris has opened the doors for many who have dreamed of a more inclusive society. A diverse society where all are welcome and belong.Such an accomplishment puts us one step closer to what Martin Luther King Jr. once said in his iconic “I have a Dream” speech: “individuals would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

I am hopeful that as Spring Semester begins, we continue to remove barriers to further construct our equity-minded Pathways Framework in ways that consider the student experience and reimagine teaching and student learning. The work is difficult, and its successful implementation begins with us. I would invite us, in conversations that we hold, even in “spirited” debates, to being mindful of the ways in which we occupy (cyber) space, create space for others and words we use.Let us listen intently for the struggles of others and help them bear the weight of those burdens in the best way that we can.

Let us seek to understand and provide safe and brave spaces to ask questions and share our diverse perspectives. Let us each do what we can to create change, inclusion, and a sense of belonging for all.


By Rob Stevenson, Tina Giron and Hans Hauselmann

Although the last year has seen an unprecedented amount of national crises, MJC has continued to make strides in our Guided Pathways goals, regardless of the move to remote operations. Currently the Pathways Implementation Team (the PIT Crew) is reviewing and updating the newest version of the college's Scale of Adoption Assessment (SOAA) and the document will soon be making its way through shared governance. To help keep you updated on what we've done and where we are going, we wanted to share with you some highlights of our latest Guided Pathways timeline.

2020-2021 GP Timeline


While we had a very different vision of rolling out Guided Pathways to students in the Fall of 2020, there was substantial Guided Pathways work done throughout the campus by a number of different teams who worked hard to adapt our students' and staff's needs in a mostly virtual environment.

We began the semester with Faculty Discipline-Advisor training for over fifty faculty, placing discipline faculty alongside their counseling and specialist partners in Schools. We began developing Schools Focuses MJC webpages, and look forward to continuing this work in the future. Modesto Junior College presented about the work that Student Services has done to meet the needs of students in this difficult environment at the Chancellor’s All System Webinar, and showcased the work of our services as the heart of serving students as a Guided Pathways College to the entire state. Each School took part in a School building Event in Fall, leading to our first college orientation with Schools breakout session just before the Spring 2021 semester. MJC’s My Path was build and launched, increasing our outreach and onboarding capabilities. We also put on two Paving the Path session, one for programs in multiple schools and one for deans and directors.

The PIT Crew would like to thank all the devoted staff, faculty, students, and administrators who worked on each of these important events and improvements. It is truly exciting to see work across the entire college aimed at making the student experience at Modesto Junior College the most supportive educational experience we can provide to our community.


Now that e-Luman is completed, Roadmaps will be entered into an Electronic Software program called Mapper. Jobspeaker will also be updated with information about Program Profiles including relevant and local careers, labor market and pay for all majors. We will also be engaging with faculty to engage in discussions regarding contextualized general education classes for Schools/Program maps. We hope to create a sense of community with students through Virtual Events related to majors. Lastly, with the assistance of one of our Leading From the Middle Teams, we are creatinga Schools Success Team where we will look at School data, explore ways to integrate curriculum, and discuss student success improvement strategies.