Modesto Junior College seeks to serve students; helping them to attain their learning and career goals in a timely manner. Recognizing that there is opportunity to improve the student experience, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators are working together to explore ways to streamline the student experience, crafting rich, appropriately broad paths to various educational goals. In addition, the College is committed to exploring all processes and support services to create a holistic approach to education that serves the entire student. To that end, MJC is one of twenty model colleges in the California Guided Pathways Project beginning fall 2017.



Bakersfield College Florida College System
Odessa College Broward College
St. Petersburg College Kansas State Department of Education
Queesnborough Community College Ohio State University
City Colleges of Chicago San Jacinto College


School of Agriculture
School of Arts, Performance, & the Humanities
School of Behavior & Social Sciences
School of Business & Computing
School of Fitness & Health Professions
School of Industry & Trades (Associates)
School of Industry & Trades (Certificates)
School of Language Arts & Education
School of Public Safety
School of Science & Mathematics

Schools at MJC
This page includes each of the Schools at MJC and includes a list of the programs offered in each.

Fall 2018 Institute Day Handout
Drafts of MJC's Schools

School of Art, Performance, & Humanities
Sample of School and 1st & 2nd 15 (Non-CTE)

School of Industry & Trades
Sample of School and 1st & 2nd 15 (CTE)

1st & 2nd 15 Templates
Templates used by faculty and counselors to create a School's 1st and 2nd semester.

MJC GE Trading Cards
To aid in the creation of their Program Roadmaps, faculty and staff created GE Trading Cards that included some great material to help them make suggestions for non-major students. Here you will find cards organized by GE areas.

Spring 2020 Institute Day GP Update

Guided Pathways Essential Practices: Scale of Adoption Assessment (SOAA) **NEW**
This assessment tracks our progress in our Guided Pathways implementation.

Fall 2020 Instituted Day LFM Project