Emergency Medical Services


EMS 390: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 1

prepares students for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician 1 in the State of California. This one semester, 8 unit course is offered year round. EMS 390 is a comprehensive course that includes classroom instruction & laboratory experience. Students are trained to provide emergency care (basic life support level) as an emergency medical service responder (police, fire, ambulance, ranger, rescue squad or industrial emergency operations).

EMS 389: Emergency Medical Technician 1- Clinical

this one semester, .5 unit course addresses the supervisor clinical portion of the state approved Basic EMT Program. This Course is a co-requisite to the EMS 390 course which places the student in a practical environment. Students will observe and perform patient diagnostics and treatment under the direct supervision of a preceptor. 

Upon successful completion of EMS 390: Emergency Medical Technician 1 & EMS 389: Emergency Medical Technician 1- Clinical, students are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Eligibility and Preparation for EMT Program

High school graduation or equivalent with transcripts on file in the MJC Records Office.Transcripts must be on File in the MJC Records Office prior to the first day of class.

Program Prerequisites

All of the prerequisites must be valid through the end of the course and the EMT certification examination.

  • EMS 350: First Responder with Healthcare Provider CPR (3.5 units)
  • CPR: Healthcare Provider Level from the American Heart Association
Certificate of Achievement: Emergency Medical Technician:

To earn a Certificate of Achievement, the student must complete the following required courses with a grade of C or better. Students should apply for their certificates during the semester in which they are completing their program requirements.

  • EMS 390 [NP] Emergency Medical Technician 1 (8 units)
  • EMS 389 Emergency Medical Technician 1- Clinical (.5 unit)

This is a college award and not the certification under the National Registry exam.


The law provides for denial of certification for crimes or acts that may in any way be related to pre-hospital medical care i.e., sex crimes, drug crimes and crimes of violence or dishonesty. In such cases it is the applicant's responsibility to present sufficient evidence of rehabilitation to the Mountain-Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency prior to applying for certification. The Mountain-Valley EMS Agency will evaluate applicants individually. Any student considering a career as an Emergency Medical Technician, who might be denied certification, is advised to address this issue with this Agency prior to taking this course.

Mountain-Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency
1101 Standiford Ave., Suite D1
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 529-5085


Louie Morua
Adjunct Instructor
EMS 389, EMS 390

Daniel Cummins
Adjunct Instructor
EMS 389, EMS 390

Michelle Morua
Adjunct Instructor
EMS 350