Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

The Athletic Training program at MJC is designed to prepare students for appropriate procedures in prevention, care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.  This degree is also designed to transfer students to four-year institutions where they can continue their education to fulfill the requirements of the National Athletic Trainer's Association.  This will lead to the student's eventual eligibility to challenge the national examination, and upon successful completion of the required courses and passing the exam, become a Certified Athletic Trainer.

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Transfer Opportunities

It is becoming increasingly difficult for students interested in athletic training to get into impacted university programs.  Students graduating with an A.S. Degree in Athletic Training will stand out as highly-qualified candidates for entrance to University programs.  As of January 1, 2004, all apprenticeship programs (universities) will no longer exist.  to become a Certified Athletic Trainer, you will need to successfully complete your degree in Athletic Training at an accredited , approved curriculum university, and pass the NATA certification examination.  MJC's program allows students to begin concentrating in the related class work required by NATA prior to university enrollment.

  • High School Preparation
  • High school classes recommended for students interested in a career in Athletic Training include:
  • English Grammar and Composition
  • Mathematics
  • Physical and health Education
  • Biological Sciences
  • Computer Literacy
  • National Athletic Trainer's Association

The National Athletic Trainer's Association (NATA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of athletes worldwide.  The association is committed to the advancement, encouragement, and improvement of the athletic training profession.  With  19,000 members nationwide and American Medical Association recognition, the association sets the standards for athletic trainers through its education programs.

Athletic Training - A.S. Degree

Students may earn an Associate of Science Degree in Athletic Training.

To earn an A. S. Degree, student must complete the 30-31 core units, and meet the MJC graduation requirements.