Outcomes Assessment Work Group (OAW)


The Outcomes Assessment Work Group (OAW) promotes a culture of evidence by facilitating and coordinating an ongoing process of establishing expected learning outcomes, collecting assessment results, analyzing and discussing their implications, and reporting them across the college. Our membership of campus-wide representatives fulfills this mission by gathering, sharing, reviewing, and maintaining dialogue about the assessment process to all areas of the college. We also accomplish our mission by making recommendations based on outcomes assessment data to the Academic Senate and governance councils to inform strategic planning, improve college decision-making and strengthen institutional effectiveness.


The Outcomes Assessment Work Group (OAW) will:

  • Facilitate continuing assessment processes across the college.
  • Train faculty, staff and administrators in writing and assessing learning outcomes.
  • Receive and disseminate assessment data from the course, program, service area, administrative unit, and institutional levels.
  • Compile, organize, and summarize report data and findings in an annual assessment presentation, delivered to appropriate councils, committees, units and the Board of Trustees.
  • Facilitate dialogue concerning outcomes assessment across the institution, including departments, divisions, programs, service areas, and administrative units.
  • Assist departments, divisions, programs, service areas and administrative units in maintaining and refining assessment plans and/or processes.
  • Make recommendations to the Academic Senate and college councils regarding outcomes assessment policies and processes.

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Chad RedwingAcademic Senate President
Lynette Borrelli, Professor – Theater (Representing Arts & Humanities)
Taure Shimp, Instructor - Communication Studies (Representing Communication Studies)
Patricia Wall, Instructor – Business Administration (Representing Business)
Bobby Hutchison, Professor -- Sociology (Representing Behavioral & Social Sciences)
Kathleen Ennis, Professor – Librarian (Representing Library & Learning Center)
Mary SheaProfessor – Physical & Health Education (Representing Physical, Recreational, & Health Education)
Sukhvir Kaur, Instructor - Math (Representing Science, Math & Engineering)
Gagandeep Dhaliwal, Professor - Chemistry (Representing Science, Math, & Engineering)
Gerald WrayProfessor – Auto Technology (Representing Technical Education)
Katarzyna (Kate) Hey, Instructor, ESL (Representing Literature & Language Arts) 
Amy Carnahan-Cook, Instructor -- Child Development (Representing Family & Consumer Sciences)
Troy Gravatt, Instructor -- General Agriculture (Representing Agriculture)
Margie Humphres, Instructor -- Nursing (Representing Allied Health)
Rebecca Reyes, Instructor -- English (Representing Literature & Language Arts)

Jennifer Zellet, Vice President of Instruction
Laura Maki, Dean of Science, Math, & Engineering
Don Borges, Dean of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
Patrick Bettencourt, Dean of Instruction & Student Learning
Michael Sundquist, Dean of Arts, Humanities & Communication
Nancy Sill, Dean of Business, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Jillian Daly, Dean of Literature & Language Arts, Library & Learning Center
Pedro MendezDean of Public Safety/Technical Education & Community Education
Martha RoblesDean of Allied Health/Family & Consumer Sciences
Vacant, Dean of Physical, Recreation & Health Education
Ron CripeDirector, Regional Fire Training Center
Aurelia Gonzalez, Director, TRIO/Pre-College Programs (Representing Student Services)