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The Chancellor's Office Student Resource webpage includes answers to common questions. Keep checking the site as it is updated daily. 


In the event of a disruption to campus services, your class may continue using Canvas. You can use Canvas from a computer, or download the smartphone app:

Canvas Tutorials
Research Help & Tutoring Support
  • MJC librarians are available to help you with your research. Please use the link below to connect with us via live chat, email, or text, and find online sources for your research:
  • The MJC Tutoring & Writing Center is still available for appointments during remote instruction. Please visit their websites to make an appointment:
  • NetTutor is an online tutoring platform available to all Modesto Junior College students that can be found through the course navigation menu of most Canvas courses. (Note: Students can also access NetTutor from the Student Support Hub course found on their Canvas Dashboards.)
Submitting handwritten assignments to Canvas

You can take a picture of handwritten assignments and convert them to PDFs for Canvas. To do so, download the app Adobe Scan app from the app store on your device and use it to convert the pictures into a PDF format for the assignments to be ready for Canvas submissions.

For Canvas support, please call (844) 303-8280.


Your instructor may also use ConferZoom for lectures and class discussions. You can access Zoom meetings from your computer, or you can download the smartphone app:

For Zoom support, please call (209) 575-7763.

Canvas & ConferZoom Video Guides


If you're joining a ConexED meeting, check out this video guide on setting up your camera and microphone.

Low-cost Internet

Many Internet Service Providers offer free or low-cost options to qualifying customers.

Pathways Center

The Pathways Center is designed to be a one-stop service area for all new and returning students.
Counselors and Student Success Specialists work collaboratively in the Pathways Center to provide high quality services to all MJC students.

Pathways Center services are available remotely. Visit the Pathways Center website for more information.

Classes On Campus

See list of classes that are face to face which is on campus. You will need to follow the on-campus protocol to be on campus. This includes completing the COVID19 Self-Screening form.

Guidance for Grading and Drops Options for Students

Due to COVID-19 and the transition to remote learning, MJC students will have more drop and grading options. Students may drop and automatically receive an Excused Withdrawal (EW). An EW will not affect your GPA. MJC has also extended the deadline to request a Pass/No Pass.

We encourage students to stay enrolled and speak with their Instructors and counselors. Refer to the information and FAQ below for details about EW and Pass/No Pass. 

Am I eligible for an Excused Withdrawal (EW)?

  • For Spring 2020 the EW is available to students who have dropped after March 4, 2020.
  • For Summer 2020 the EW is available to students who drop by “Last Day to Drop
    Deadline” – check your class schedule or PiratesNet for these dates.
  • If you remain in the course until the end and are failing, speak to your Instructor
    about receiving an EW as a final grade.

I received an EW for a course; can I repeat the course in the future?

  • Yes, you can retake the course in the future. Your previous attempt will not
    count against you.

What if I earn a non-passing grade?

  • If you are earning a “D” letter grade, you Instructor will work with you to
    determine if an EW is the best option.
  • If you are earning a “F” letter grade, you will be contacted regarding EW
  • You have the right to petition a final grade to be changed to EW for up to one
    year after the course end. Click here for petition options.

Can I request a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) option?

  • For Spring 2020, you can choose P/NP grade option until April 24, 2020.
  • For Summer 2020, you can choose P/NP grade option until August 7, 2020.
  • Students should meet with a counselor to determine if P/NP meets their academic
  • Pass/No Pass is not part of your GPA calculation. Whether you receive a Pass or a
    No Pass, it does not affect your GPA
  • Students can request a P/NP or that the Pass be changed back to a letter grade by
    completing the Pass/No Pass form.

Please contact the Enrollment Services office at if you have questions about your transcript or grading options.

We are also available on Live Chat! Click the orange button at the bottom right hand corner during business hours.