Instructional Continuity

The information on this page is intended to provide guidance for instructors and students so they can prepare for instructional continuity in case of an emergency or campus closure. Should there be a disruption, MJC may need to shift courses that meet on campus over to Canvas. Instructors and students may meet virtually using ConferZoom or other video application. There may be online assignments and activities, such as class discussions about assigned readings or other materials, that take place in Canvas. In all cases, instructors will do their best to stay in regular contact with their students through MJC email and/or Canvas mail, as well as through Canvas announcements. In most situations, the main source of information about the course will be the instructor. To the greatest extent possible, information will also be posted on the MJC home page.

MJC Employee COVID-19 Town Hall

Continuity Training

With the potential disruption caused by the Coronavirus, face-to-face courses may need to rely temporarily on remote instruction.