Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need?

Only a picture ID or residency card is needed to enroll. The college assigns a student identification number when you enroll. There is no need to be a legal resident to take non-credit courses. To take classes for credit and apply for financial aid, you must be a California resident. 

How much do the courses cost?

Non-credit English for Life and Work courses are free; however, a fee of approximately $32.00 is charged each semester for health and student services. Credit courses are $46.00 per unit or $29.00 per semester with the BOG fee waiver. Financial aid is also available.

How do I begin?

Step #1: Get Help  
    • Contact Mary Calderon to make an appointment for help at (209) 575-7847 or, in John Muir 152, 2201 Bluegum Avenue, Modesto.
Step #2: Enroll
Step #3: Test 
    • Take a placement test to determine your level in each program. The tests are free in Yosemite Hall, Room 147, at the West Campus. For more information about English Language (ESL) placement testing, visit our ESL assessment page.
Step #4: Register
    • Register for classes at Click on Class Schedule under Academics. Pay for classes online or in person at the Business Office on the East Campus.
Step #5: Ready! 
    • Buy your books and attend class! Books for courses are available at the MJC Bookstore, located on the East Campus.

Click below for a complete guide to enrollment and registration processes in English and Spanish.

What about parking?

Daily parking permits can be purchased at the machines near each parking lot. Students may also purchase a semester-long parking pass. There are visitor parking spaces, but parking is only allowed for thirty minutes. Parking violations are strictly enforced, so be sure to have a parking permit or only use the visitor parking for short periods of time. If you receive a parking permit, and you feel the citation is unfair, see the Welcome Center staff for options on how to appeal. 

What if I'm a Dreamer or DACA student?

We welcome you to MJC! You belong here! There are a variety of resources to help you enroll and register into classes.