About the Honors Program

If you are a highly motivated or an accomplished student and would like your education at MJC to prepare you to compete well at the highest university levels, then the MJC Honors Program may be for you. This program is meant to further promote excellence by honing the skills and talents of our intellectually gifted, uniquely creative, and academically committed students. Honors students are challenged and guided by honors faculty to delve deeper, think more critically, and argue more persuasively. These students also have the opportunity to meet other gifted students and experience the spirit and encouragement of such a like-mindedly determined cohort.

Benefits of Participating

Besides the experience of an enhanced education and being better prepared to compete at the university level, students who graduate from the program will gain any number of perks through enhanced transfer agreements.

 Honors Program Benefits

  • Priority admission and registration at transfer institutions
  • Scholarships granted by some CSU and UC institutions
  • Continuation of the honors experience at the transfer institution
  • Invitations to college and university receptions and special events
  • Guaranteed housing
  • Priority admission into English 101 at MJC for students who meet appropriate Honors Program deadlines

Honors Units

Honors units are units of coursework that you complete in order to demonstrate that you are academically competent in strategically challenging courses. Honors units are not additional units to be completed, but rather overlap your existing educational plan. You will work with a counselor and the Honors Program Coordinator to select appropriate courses.

Honors Contracts

Many instructors at MJC are willing to give you individual attention by enhancing a course to be at honors level. Once an agreement is established this is referred to as an honors contract. Once you are accepted into the honors program, you will be expected to initiate contracts with instructors. A list of participating instructors is available from the Honors Program Coordinator. Honors contracts may only be established in 3 unit or more courses numbered 100-299 (transferable).

Proof of Participation Honors

Honors work completed will be noted on your official MJC transcript.

To Apply to the Program

  1. Make an appointment with the Honors Program Coordinator in Founders Hall 120M.
  2. To receive an Honors Program application packet contact Eva Mo at moe@yosemite.edu. In this application you will need to demonstrate the following:
    1. Completion of Library Research Skills Modules 1, 2, and 3. Module 1 (LIBR 901) must be completed when submitting application. Modules 2 and 3 (LIBR 902 and 903) must be completed by the end of the first semester. These modules can be completed at any time during the official semester (if you want to apply for next semester, we recommend you complete them the semester before or you can complete them in the first week of classes). To find them, do a regular class search for MLIBR-901, MLIBR-902, and MLIBR-903. These modules must be taken in order, and will take about two to four hours to complete each for students working at honors level.
    2. One letter of recommendation (see application).
    3. One ‘statement of purpose’ 500-word essay (see application).
  3. Attend honors orientation the first week of classes. (Save the Date: Honors orientation always occurs the Friday of the first week of classes at 10:30 a.m.).

To Remain in the Program

  1. You will need to have completed, or complete within the first semester in the program, English 100 or English 101.
  2. Maintain a 3.25+ GPA or demonstrate semester to semester improvement in GPA.

To Complete the Program

  1. You will need to meet the 3.25 GPA exit requirement
  2. 5 Honors Contracts from 3+ unit transfer level courses
  3. File an application to graduate from the Honors Program by February if spring graduation, and by October if fall graduation.

Students Who Complete the Honors Program Will Receive:

  • A certificate celebrating the accomplishment
  • Honors Scholar chord(s) and inscribed medal for graduation and notation in the graduation program
  • Transcripts that notate their honors work
  • Access to multiple university transfer agreements and scholarships (depending on GPA, some top universities require a higher exit GPA)
  • The opportunity to develop strong scholastic relationships with professors which can lead to powerful letters of recommendation.