Community Education's Refund Policy

Full refunds are given for all trips and tours which are full at the time registration is received, or those that the college finds it is necessary to cancel.


Day trips
You will need to cancel the trip 7 days before the departure date. There will be a $20 processing fee when you cancel a trip. If you cancel after 7 days and we have a waitinig list and can replace you, you will receive a refund, minus the $20 processing fee.

Trips with pre-purchased tickets, meals, etc.
On trips that we have had to pre-purchase tickets, pay for admission, meals, etc. we need to have 30 days notice before the departure date. If you cancel the trip after the 30 day deadline and we have a waiting list and we are able to fill your seat(s) we will issue a refund minus the $20 processing fee. The processing fee is per person.

Overnight trips (1-2 days)
Arrangements for overnight trips need to be prepared and paid for far in advance. We will need to have 45 days notice for these trips. There will be a $20 processing fee. Once again, if we have a waiting list and are able to replace you, we will process the refund, minus the $20 processing fee.

Extended trips
Our extended trips have various cancellation, deposit, and final payment deadlines dependant upon the tour company. Please be ask for this information when you register for an extended trip.

You have the option to pay for MAAC (Modesto Area Aquatics Club) month to month, quarterly or annually (receive a discount if paid quarterly or annually). If you have pre-registered for several months, you can drop a month BEFORE that month begins. There will still be a $20 processing fee that will be deducted from your fee. We do not pro-rate class fees. If you register for the January class on January 15, you will still pay the $30 fee for January. There is no refund for the $35 swimming insurance, due once each calendar year.

If you cancel at least SEVEN business days prior to the CMSP Motorcycle course you have reserved, you will be refunded your registration fee, less a $20 processing fee. Once a class begins, we are unable to refund any portion of your fee.

After the SEVEN days prior to the start date, you can only reschedule, and there will be a $125 rescheduling fee.

Please note: Motorcycle students who miss any of the sessions (classroom or riding), voluntarily withdraw, or are dismissed because of improper clothing, or are late to class, and wish to register for another class, may register one additional time after paying a $125 processing fee. (In other words- Don't miss a class or be late, and make sure you have the proper clothing, or it will cost you an additional $125 to sign up again!)

Students who are dismissed at the instructor's request, or who fail the final written or driving test, may register one additional time without a processing fee.