Equine Science

Equine Science

Explore what MJC has to offer to those interested in a career in Equine Science. This Program will develop entry-level skills in equine husbandry and housing. Training and skill set development include practical handling and safety skills, equipment handling and care, equine anatomy and nutrition, as well as breeding and reproduction skills. The program is designed for students that wish to develop practical skills in the area of Equine Science. 

Upcoming News:

Our annual sale is typically in December. Many foals have been born, so the reproductive education and experience has expanded with increased public and student attention in this field of the Equine Science Department. In addition, there have been many improvements to the West Campus Equine Unit. 

Faculty Advisor:

Mrs. Julie Haynes
Mrs. Julie Haynes

(209) 575-6872  

Required Courses - Complete 14 Units

Class #: Class Name: Units:
ANSC 207 Equine Science 3
ANSC 209 Equine Breeding & Reproduction 3
ANSC 243 Equine Fitting & Showing 2
ANSC 258 Beginning Horsemanship 3
ANSC 265 Intro to Colt Training 3


Elective Courses- Complete 3 Units

Class #:  Class Name: Units:
ANSC 200 Intro to Animal Science 3
ANSC 259 Pack Animal Walk & Ride 2
ANSC 260 Advanced Horsemanship 3

Total units: 16/17 units

Program Requirements:

To earn a certificate in Equine Science the student must complete a minimum of 16 units of course work. Each course must be completed with a "C" or better.