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Nursery Hours

MJC NURSERY is excited to announce that we are once again open on Tuesdays from 8 am - 2 pm, keeping in mind the social distancing and safety protocols while shopping in our EHS nursery. MASKS are required for entry into the Modesto Junior College Nursery area.

Due to many constraints we have to modify our hours of operation, which will be staffed entirely by students so your patience in their learning process is appreciated. We are CLOSED: Wednesday thru Monday.

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 E. H. S. Collage

Learn what careers are available in the exciting field of Environmental Horticulture Science (EHS) and which courses to take to launch you on your way! For more information, please contact one of the faculty advisors.

Faculty Advisors:

Dale Pollard
(209) 575-6204  •  pollardd@mjc.edu


Pictured below are "great students" that are instrumental in making all of our events successful!.


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Environmental Horticulture Science Degrees and Certificates

Environmental Horticulture Science - Associate Science Degree

The MJC environmental horticulture program encompasses a wide selection of the horticulture industry, from nursery operations to floriculture to landscaping. There is a multitude of degrees and certificates in various aspects of environmental horticulture science offered. In addition, MJC proudly houses an operating production and retail nursery, where students experience the entire rainbow of the retail nursery experience, from seed to sale. This 34,000 square foot nursery includes a 10,000 square foot greenhouse and a 2000 square foot propagation house where plant materials for both instruction and sale are produced.

Landscape Architecture - Associate Science Degree

The Landscape Architecture program prepares students to transfer to four year college and professional programs. Landscape architecture encompasses a broad base of opportunity and service including environmental and resource conservation concerns. These concerns have created a need for more careful planning between man, his built environment, and his natural surroundings.

Commercial Floristry - Technician Certificate

The Commercial Floristry Program prepares students to enter the field of Floral Design and Flower Shop Management. The program is designed to provide entry level skills, and further, to prepare students for advancement within this ever-changing and dynamic industry. The floral design program is being revitalized under the direction of a new instructor with a strong background in design and business. The floral design curriculum offers students art history and theory, as well as a practical “hands on” approach of designing with flowers. Students have the opportunity to work with experts within the floriculture industry and gain practical experience with the many field trips and guest speakers.

Landscape / Park Maintenance - Technician Certificate

In this program the student will develop skills in recognizing, using, propagation, planting and maintenance of ornamental plants and materials used in landscaping. Contact the division office in the Agriculture Building for advising assistance.

Landscape Design - Technician Certificate

The Landscape Design technician program prepares students to enter the field of landscape design at the entry level. The program is for students interested in learning the more pragmatic and applications aspect of landscaping and is directed to the application of established scientific and engineering knowledge and methods.

Nursery Production - Technician Certificate

In this program, the student will develop skills relating to plant identification, propagation and growing for sale, operations and maintenance of plant nursery equipment and structures. Contact the division office in the Agriculture Building for advising assistance.