Dairy Science

Dairy Science

 Located in the heart of the California dairy industry, Modesto Junior College has a strong, admirable tradition in introducing or furthering students' knowledge of the dairy industry. Review which courses, teams, or activities are best for you to launch your unique career path. Inquire about the bi-annual MJC Dairy Heifer Sale, dairy judging, practical classes, and scholarships that are available. Partnering your MJC hands-on learning with the strong four-year university relationships will enhance your experience at MJC. The variety of avenues you may follow within the dairy industry are numerous. Learn more about the dairy science program and its path to excellence by contacting us today!

Faculty Advisor:


Mrs. Nicole Morris
(209) 575-6053
Dairy Science / Ag Sales


MJC Dairy Heifer Sale

We are looking forward to our
next MJC Dairy Heifer Sale
Sat., Oct. 19, 2021



Dairy Judging Highlights:

World Dairy Expo
Madison, WI  •  Sept. 30, 2019

World Dairy Expo

4th High Team Overall
Left to Right: Coach Bill Hobby, Joey Freitas (3rd High Individual & All-American), Elizabete Neves, Gabrielle Gregerio, and Marcus Marsigli 

All-American Dairy Show
Harrisburg, PA  •  Sept. 16, 2019



Left to Right: Joey Freitas(3rd High Individual), Gabrielle Gregerio, Marco Marsiglio(6th High Individual), Elizabete Neves

Eastern States Big "E" 
West Springfield, Mass. • Sept. 14, 2019

 Big E

High Team Overall University & Post-Secondary Colleges
2nd High Team Overall for Oral Reasons
Left to Right: Joey Freitas (High Individual, 2nd Oral Reasons), Marco Marsigli (1st Brown Swiss), Elizabete Neves (4th High Individual), Gabrielle Gregerio (2nd High Individual, 1st Jerseys)


Western National Contest
Richmond, Utah • May 15, 2019

 MJC Dairy Judging Team - Utah

3rd High Team Overall:
Left to Right: Marco Marsigli, Jacob Beach, Kaitlyn Hay, Kiaya Bettencourt, Caydee Weese, Elizabete Neves, Gabrielle Gregorio, and Joey Freitas 

Southern Spring National Contest
OSU, Stillwater • April 11, 2019

2019 Southern National Dairy Judging

2nd High Team Overall:
Left to Right:  Joey Freitas, Gabrielle Gregorio, Elizabete Neves, Caydee Weese, Kiaya Bettencourt, Kaitlyn Hay, Jacob Beach, Marco Marsigli

North American International
Livestock Exhibition (NAILE) 
Louisville, KY, November 2018

NAILE Dairy Judging Team 
4th High Team Overall:
Left to Right: Marco Marsigli, Elizabete Neves (5th High Individual, Alyss Meyers, Caydee Weese, Joey Freitas (10th High Individual) 

2018 World Dairy Expo Show

3rd High Team Overall;
2nd Place Practical Contest
Nick Machado, Michael Narbona, Carson Haringa,
Donavan Miguel (4th High Ind.), Adriana Toste (2nd High Ind.), and Coach Bill Hobby

MJC World Dairy Expo Team

2017 World Dairy Expo Show

5th High Team Overall, High Team, Practical Contest Reg. Holsteins
Nicole Sanders, 8th High Overall, Milking Shorthorn High Ind., 
Anneke Jacobi, Ayrshire High Ind.

WDE Dairy Judging Team 2017

All-American Dairy Show, September 18, 2017
3rd High Team Overall
High Team: Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey breeds
2nd High Team: Reasons
Nicole Sanders: 2nd High Ind. Overall, High Ind. in
Reasons, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jerseys

Eastern States "Big E" Show, September 16, 2017
1st High Team Overall 
Heidi Omlin - High Individual
Nicole Sanders - 2nd High Individual

Big E
Heidi Omlin, Nicole Sanders, Anneke Jacobi, Caroline Lee

Spring 2017 - 
Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Jan. 17, 2017
3rd High Team Overall, 3rd High Team Reasons
Fort Worth

Fall 2016 NAILE Livestock Show, Louisville, KY -
High Team - Guernsey

Fall 2016 World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI

World Dairy 

Fall 2015 World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI
      5th High Team Overall,
      Sarah Weststeyn - 7th Overall & All-American

WDE 2015

Fall 2014 World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI
3rd High Team Overall, High Brown Swiss Team


Fall 2014 Eastern States "Big E" Show, Springfield, MA
High Team Overall and multiple additional awards


Degrees and Certificates Available

Dairy Science - Associate Science Degree

The Dairy Science Program teaches students the fundamentals of Dairy Production with an abundance of hands-on experience. Students develop skills and knowledge relative to milk production, selection, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, diseases, fitting, and computer programs.

Artificial Insemination - Technician Certificate

Artificial Insemination Technicians utilize principles of genetics and knowledge of animal production to breed specific characteristics into economically important animals.  The Artificial Insemination Technicians program prepares students to artificially inseminate cows, collect and evaluate semen, evaluate pedigrees, and to effectively communicate with customers.




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