Animal Science

After viewing the above video on one of the most renowned agricultural junior colleges in the nation, explore your opportunities in Animal Science at MJC. Animal science careers are abundant in the agricultural world, so get the competitive edge from our agriculture instructors that are specialized in multiple disciplines. Also consider:

  • Diverse pathway courses
  • Unique agricultural clubs
  • Amazing scholarships
  • Local ag events at ACE Pavilion, etc.
  • Hands-on experiences unique to MJC Agriculture

Animal Science Collage


The annual MJC Winter Classic (Beef) Jackpot and Spring Classic (Swine, Sheep, & Goats) Jackpot online entry opportunities are available on our MJC Animal Science Highlights and News.

For more in-depth questions about our extensive animal science programs, contact one of the faculty advisors.

Faculty Advisors:

Mrs. Marlies Boyd
Mrs. Marlies Boyd

(209) 575-6212
Poultry / Sheep

Mrs. Julie Haynes
Mrs. Julie Haynes

(209) 575-6872
Vet Tech / Equine

Mr. John Mendes, Area Leader
Mr. John Mendes

(209) 575-6205
Swine / Beef

Faculty Advisor:


Mrs. Nicole Morris
(209) 575-6053
Dairy Science / Ag Sales



Mrs. Jennifer Terpstra
(209) 575-6210


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​Degrees and Certificates Available

Animal Science - Associate Science Degree

The Animal Science program prepares students for livestock ranching, ranch management, agribusiness and agri-education, as well as artificial insemination. It also prepares students for transfer to a senior college for continuation of agriculture education and training. Contact the division office in the Agriculture Building for advising assistance.

Artificial Insemination - Technician Certificate

Artificial Insemination Technicians utilize principles of genetics and knowledge of animal production to breed specific characteristics into economically important animals.  The Artificial Insemination Technicians program prepares students to artificially inseminate cows, collect and evaluate semen, evaluate pedigrees, and to effectively communicate with customers.

​Dairy Science - Associate Science Degree

The Dairy Science Program teaches students the fundamentals of Dairy Production with an abundance of hands-on experience.  Students develop skills and knowledge relative to milk production, selection, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, diseases, fitting, and computer programs. See more on the MJC Dairy Science Page.

Equine Science- Certificate 

Students in Equine Science study; equine anatomy and physiology, reproduction techniques, treatment and control of diseases, types of housing, principles of equine nutrition, handling and restraint, basic riding techniques, and equine facility management. Students also study industry related employment opportunities. The Equine Science Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level management positions in the equine industry.

​Poultry Science - Associate Science Degree

Students in Poultry Science study; the composition of feeds and their nutritional value, diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases, types of housing, and principles of poultry breeding, brooding, care and processing of fryers, replacements, and laying hens, grading and candling eggs, and marketing and economic aspects of poultry production.  Students also study efficiency factors affecting profit.  The Poultry Science Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level management positions in the poultry industry.

​​Veterinarian Technician - Technician Certificate

The veterinary technician program at MJC is currently being offered to students through the alternate route. Students are required to have three years experience in a clinic, in addition to our courses completed in order to take the state RVT exam.

Students with no prior experience in the vet industry are still eligible for the program, and can begin their work experience through our internship program.

The program is designed to take one year to complete if the courses are taken in the suggested order.