Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction 1

Transform lives through programs and services that demonstrate measurable student achievement

Goal 1.1: The College will assure access to quality post-secondary and community educational opportunities

  • A. Participate in outreach to the community
  • B. Collaborate with K-12, CSUS and UC Merced to foster, promote, and facilitate educational opportunities
  • C. Provide services in modalities and day/time sequences that accommodate a diversity of needs
  • D. Build and sustain educational pathways into, through, and beyond the college in support of the comprehensive community college mission

Goal 1.2: The College will increase and sustain delivery of courses, programs, degrees, certificates, and services in support of the comprehensive community college mission by scheduling courses and providing services in modalities and day/ time sequences that accommodate student needs including:

  • A. Transfer curriculum, programs, and services preparing students for transfer to colleges and universities
  • B. Career technical education in support of community workforce development
  • C. Basic skills curriculum preparing students for college success
  • D. Lifelong learning opportunities to meet the needs of a diverse community

Goal 1.3: The College will increase retention and completion rates for CTE, Basic Skills, General Studies, and Transfer Studies

  • A. Implement, monitor, and evaluate a Student Success and Support Program Plan with specific, measurable outcomes for increasing student retention and completion rates
  • B. Implement, monitor and evaluate a Student Equity Plan with specific, measurable outcomes for increasing student retention and completion rates
  • C. Implement, monitor, and evaluate a Basic Skills Plan with specific, measurable outcomes for increasing student retention and completion rates
  • D. Provide instruction in support of the needs of the College’s diverse student population
  • E. Implement teaching strategies to advance student retention, success, and persistence
  • F. Provide student academic support services that advance student retention, success, and persistence
  • G. Advance a culture of completion of educational goal

Goal 1.4: The College will facilitate lifelong learning Maintain diversified course offerings, programs, services and activities that emphasize civic engagement, social responsibility, cultural awareness, community involvement, and other opportunities that may broaden an individual’s horizon.

Strategic Direction 2

Build and sustain an innovative, educational community characterized by collaboration, learning, growth, and diversity

Goal 2.1: The College will integrate the latest scholarship in teaching and learning through the professional development of administrators, faculty and staff

  • A. Focus resources on Professional Development each year
  • B. Increase trainings each year on teaching and learning
  • C. Advance new technology applications in the classroom and on campus
  • D. Provide opportunities for faculty, staff , and students to interact outside of the classroom and workspace

Goal 2.2: The College will improve communication across the college

Goal 2.3: The College will assure participatory governance structure and transparency in decision making

Goal 2.4: The College will support innovation in practices college-wide

  • A. Modernize and integrate college information systems
  • B. Integrate, clarify, and refine processes and decision making existing within the District-College interface to create greater efficiencies and effectiveness

Strategic Direction 3

Offer flexible and responsive programs to meet educational workforce needs measured through program changes, adaptations, and technological upgrades

Goal 3.1: The College will effectively utilize regional economic and labor market indicators to inform curriculum, programs, and services that improve student labor market outcomes

Goal 3.2: The College will maintain resources spent on new technology in classrooms

Goal 3.3: The College will increase number of degrees and certificates in Career and Technical Education programs

Goal 3.4: The College will collaborate with local industries to build relationships and assure consistence with workforce needs

Goal 3.5: The College will collaborate with area organizations and businesses to build internship opportunities align with student educational goals

Strategic Direction 4

Serve as stewards of our resources and advance practices to improve and sustain institutional effectiveness in support of accountability

Goal 4.1: The College will develop, implement and/or adhere to practices that assure the sustainability of our facilities, technology, human resources, and fiscal resources

Goal 4.2: The College will continually assess student learning at the course, program, service area, and institutional levels

Goal 4.3: The College will assure external compliance and accountability requirements are met

Goal 4.4: The College will assess, analyze, and act upon college-wide research and data to assure informed decision making, student access, and student success

Goal 4.5: The College will allocate resources to facilitate the achievement of MJC Strategic Direction