Guiding Principles

The Resource Allocation Council is committed to clearly communicating our processes and recommendations.  In the resource allocation process, we will ask the questions:

  • Does it help students reach their educational goals?  
  • Does is promote student equity?
  • Is it reasonable?
  • Is it allowable?
  • Is it essential?
  • Is it sustainable?

The direction of the Resource Allocation Council is based on the following established Guiding Principles: 

  • Valuing stewardship and integrity in recognizing our fiduciary responsibility to ensure fiscal stability
  • Taking an institutional approach to decision-making
  • Allocating resources strategically to strengthen learning and support services that improve student success
  • Articulating college needs through a defined and documented process
  • Using relevant, well-defined, agreed upon data in a consistent manner for decision-making
  • Leveraging of current resources proactively, regardless of fiscal climate
  • Operating under established timelines
  • Assessing, refining, and communicating the resource allocation model and processes regularly


Sarah Schrader
Chair, Vice President of College & Administrative Services

Dean, Planning, Research, Innovation & Institutional Effectiveness

Kevin Alavezos 
Academic Senate Appointee

Flerida Arias 
VP Student Services

Santanu Bandyopadhyay
Interim President

Patrick Bettencourt

Iris Carroll
Academic Senate Appointee

Sam Carvajal
ASMJC Student Representative

Cece Hudelson
Academic Senate Appointee

Donna Louie
YFA Appointee

Mike Morales
YFA Appointee

Parul Parikh
CSEA Appointee

Hannah Ransdell
ASMJC Student Representative

Elaine Schuber
CSEA Appointee

Nancy Sill

Judy Wagner
CSAC Appointee

Jennifer Zellet
Vice President of Instruction

Academic Senate Appointee