Facilities Council Charter: The charge of the Campus Development and Facilities Advisory Committee (CDFAC) is to provide input and monitor activities and changes related to the physical plant and grounds of the college to ensure a healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment. This includes analysis and prioritization of all capital projects including remodels, new construction, and repurposing/reassignment of space. The CDFAC will make recommendations to the College Council, committee members report to their constituent groups and will ensure that decisions and information be made available to the campus community.

  • Develop and monitor the facilities and maintenance plans and supporting budgets.
  • Cooperate with the Director of Facilities Planning & Operations regarding all aspects of construction projects, planning, revision, and completion.
  • Review and interpret research data related to facilities development and space utilization.
  • Promote the use and understanding of data as a basis for facilities decision- making.
  • Make recommendations and identify priorities for technology issues related to facilities development.
  • Develop, implement, review and revise policies for facilities use in coordination with Central Services.
  • Support the legal responsibilities of all constituency groups.
  • Campus Safety Committee to ensure Health and Safety.

Consolidation of CDAC and Facilities Committee
Written by Task Force on Best Practices

Former CDFAC Webpage


Sarah Schrader (Chair), Interim Vice President of College & Administrative Services
John Zamora (Co-Chair), Academic Senate Faculty Co-Chair
Don Borges, Dean
Marissa Cahn, CSEA Rep
Frank Funes, CSEA Rep
Ashley Griffith, Dean/ADA Coordinator
Margo Guzman, Director, Technology Services
Lisa Husman, Recorder
Judy Lanchester, Director, YCCD/Campus Facilities Manager, Facilities Planning & Operations
Diana Ledesma, ASMJC Rep
Michael Morales, YFA Rep
Yolanda Perregil, Assistant Director, Facilities Planning & Operations
Dorothy Pimentel, Director, Risk Management, Purchasing and Receiving
Aishah Saleh, Academic Senate Faculty Rep
Glen Stovall, CSAC
Sherri Suarez, Events/Facilities Scheduling Manager
Jeff Swank, Director of Media Services
Bill Watts, Campus Security Supervisor