The primary role of the College Council is to advise the President on college policy and procedural matters. The College Council also advises the President to advocate at District level on college wide issues.

  • The role of the council in the budgeting process is to review and recommend budget and planning through its established committees.
  • The council will annually review existing college councils and,where appropriate, make recommendations on the charge and membership of such councils.
  • The council will maintain a handbook of its charge,responsibilities, and membership which will be reviewed and updated annually.
  • The council agenda, minutes and handbook will be made available on the college website.
  • The council will periodically review and update the college mission statement.
  • The council will maintain and update the MJC Strategic Plan at least every five years.
  • The council will have primary responsibility for institutional effectiveness.
  • The council serves as a forum for the discussion of the concerns of college constituent groups.
  • The council will support the legal responsibilities of all constituent groups.