• To develop, implement, monitor, review,  evaluate, and revise college accreditation activities in accordance with the college mission, vision, and college goals.
  • Serve as the steering committee for the accreditation process.Provide leadership in the development, planning, preparation, supervision and completion of the accreditation self evaluation.
  • Promote a campus culture that is concerned about accreditation.
  • Support the legal responsibilities of all constituency groups.


The Accreditation Council will make recommendations to the College Council on the following:

  • Annual ACCJC reports
  • Self Evaluation
  • Midterm, Follow-Up, and Special Reports to ACCJC
  • Culture of accreditation
  • Student Learning Outcomes


Flex Activity # 6024 – ACCJC Accreditation Basics – it is a self-paced, interactive, web-based training.  Estimated time of completion is 90 minutes.  The course can be accessed at


Jennifer Zellet, Vice President of Instruction, Accreditation Liaison Officer

Michael Smedshammer, Distance Education Coordinator

Patrick Bettencourt, Dean of Instruction and Student Learning

Curtis Martin, Professor-History/Council Co-Chair/Academic Senate/Faculty Standard Co-Chair II

Chad Redwing, Professor- Humanities, Academic Senate

Kevin Alavezos, Professor-Office Administration/Faculty Standard IV Co-Chair

Tiffnie-Ann Versola, Program Specialist, Student Services/CSEA

Manny Walsh, Administrative Secretary, Instruction & Student Learning/CSEA

Sadie Joy, Student/ASMJC

Raymond Gonzalez/ASMJC

Vianji De la Cruz, Recorder