Reporting Information

Crimes can be averted and suspects apprehended more quickly if suspicious activity is reported promptly. If someone's behavior or the situation is disturbing, threatening, or out of the ordinary, call the MJC Campus Safety Department any time of the day or night. The officer will assess the situation and take any necessary and appropriate action. The College strongly encourages victims to report all incidents and/or any suspicious activity on campus to Campus Safety. All crimes reported to Campus Safety are maintained on the Daily Crime Log at the Campus Safety Office.

In addition to Campus Safety, crimes may be reported to any campus administrator. This includes deans, directors, vice presidents and the campus president. Crimes occurring off-campus should be reported immediately to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction.

Reporting Emergencies

To report a life threatening emergency dial 6911 from any campus telephone or pay phone. At MJC, emergencies can also be reported by using one of the emergency call boxes located throughout campus and by calling Campus Safety Dispatch 575-6351. On campus, if you dial 6911 from a campus phone or use an emergency call box, the dispatcher or operator can determine your location and will dispatch a Campus Safety officer immediately. If there is a fire and no telephone is available, activate the nearest fire alarm.

Reporting Non – Emergencies

For NON-EMERGENCY calls for assistance, call the MJC Campus Safety Department at (209) 575-6351 or use the emergency call box in the parking lots.The MJC Campus Safety Department is located on the West Campus, John Muir 151.

Reporting Hate Crimes

California law prohibits threats or acts of violence against individuals or groups or their property because of personal characteristics or associations. State laws similarly prohibit defacing, damaging, or destroying another's property to intimidate or interfere with his/her rights. Crimes routinely classified as misdemeanors can be felonies if committed because of bigotry. A conviction cannot be based on speech alone, unless the speech itself threatens violence against a specific individual or group, and the defendant has the ability to carry out the threat. If you are the victim of or witness a hate crime, report it as soon as possible.

Reporting Suspected Misconduct by Students and Student Organizations

To report suspected misconduct by a MJC student or registered student organization, call Campus Safety Dispatch or call the Office of Vice President of Student Services (209) 575-6060. The MJC Standards of Conduct prohibit physical assault, including rape; threats of violence; and conduct that threatens health or safety, as well as illegal use or possession of weapons, explosives, drugs or alcohol; theft; and vandalism. Students who commit crimes may be criminally prosecuted as well as disciplined by the campus, and students and student organizations may be disciplined for off-campus conduct that threatens safety or security. A finding that the violation was intentional, forcible, violent, or motivated by hatred or bias normally results in a sanction of Suspension or Dismissal.

Reporting Suspected Misconduct by Staff or Faculty

MJC staff or faculty members may be subject to disciplinary action under applicable personnel policies or collective bargaining agreements. Report staff or faculty misconduct to the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Human Resources at (209) 575-6507.

Reporting Missing Persons

Modesto Junior College has Agriculture students living on the West Campus. Students are given an orientation regarding their personal safety when they start school at MJC and annually thereafter. Great care is given to the safety of these students to enhance their success in the MJC Agriculture Program experience. Each student living on campus has the option to register a confidential contact person to be notified in the case that the student is determined to be missing with Student Development, and only authorized campus officials and Campus Safety, in pursuit of a missing person investigation or comparable emergency, may have access to this information. All students, even if they have not registered a contact person, are advised that local law enforcement will be notified if a student is missing.

A student will be considered missing if the following conditions exist:
• The student's roommates have no knowledge of the student's whereabouts and have not seen him/her for more than 24 hours
• College sponsors/instructors have no knowledge of the student's whereabouts.
• The missing student was last seen under suspicious circumstances; e.g. under the influence of alcohol or other mind altering drug off-campus in the presence of a person not known to have previously met the student.

Students are free to come and go off campus, but if a student goes missing for more than 24 hours, the following procedures will be followed:
• The first person, who becomes aware that the student is missing, will notify Campus Safety, the MJC Ranch Manager and Agriculture Dean.
• Campus Safety will notify the MJC Vice President for Student Services.
• After college resources, including Counseling and Health Services, for information about the student have been exhausted, an official missing student report will be referred immediately to local law enforcement to begin a search/investigation
• If a student is less than 18 years of age and not emancipated, his/her parent or guardian will be notified, in addition to notifying any contact person designated by the student.