Emergency Preparedness

In accordance with the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS), the District  Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP) is both NIMS and SIMS compliant. It is designed to meet any possible emergency. All district full time employees are required to take state, federal and emergency operations plan disaster training within one year of employment.   This insures that all staff, faculty, administrators and executives are familiar with the procedures/protocol established to maintain the safest environment possible during an emergency or disaster. The CEOP:

  • Follows an "all hazards" approach to prevent, prepare, and respond and recover from a disaster.
  • Extends to all levels of the campus community to prevent situations that may cause emergencies.
  • Identifies necessary preparation and procedures to follow if a disaster occurs.
  • Develops relationships between the campus responder community and local, state and federal agencies to effectively mitigate a crisis.
  • Assists the campus community with recovery and a timely resumption of college operations through the Continuity of Operations Plans .

Emergency Notifications

Modesto Junior College has several methods for sending out emergency notifications to the campus community. They are typically accomplished via campus telephone, zone paging to emergency telephones in the classrooms, common area and outside Public Address system, student/employee email, website updates and telephone emergency hotlines, telephone trees to identified staff, and information relay runners, etc.