Escort Service

Aiada and Samuel

If you are feeling uneasy about walking to your car or some other destination  on campus, Call Campus Safety Dispatch at 575-6351. Campus Safety Officers, or Campus Safety Assistants, will be glad to walk with you. Occasionally there may be a slight delay but only when they are handling another security task in need of an immediate response.

Campus Safety Assistants are student workers employed by the Campus Safety Department to assist students in getting to and from the parking lots at night by utilizing golf carts or walking with students. They also patrol our campus and report any issues or safety circumstances to aid our officers and our department. Campus Safety Assistants carry radios and are in constant contact with our Dispatcher and Campus Safety Personnel. They wear Campus Safety Assistant Uniforms which consist of a tan polo or sweatshirt embroidered with Campus Safety YCCD / Assistant.and black tactical pants. All Campus Safety Assistants must pass a criminal back ground investigation prior to working for the Campus Safety Department.