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The MJC Website

The MJC website is maintained by a team of staff across every division and department at MJC. To receive access and training to maintain pages on the MJC website, email a request for access to Joshua Sigman and CC your dean or department head. If you have any questions or need assistance in maintaining the MJC website, please complete the website assistance form before emailing Joshua Sigman or calling (209) 575-6234.

Additional training and support materials

MJC Web Style and Writing Guide

MJC Directory

MJC maintains a searchable directory of all faculty, staff and administrators. Please confirm that the information listed on your page in the directory is correct. Faculty are also recommended to list their office hours and post their course syllabi on their directory page, along with any other information they'd like students to know before registering for their class.

If there is an error on your name, title, email address, office location or phone number, please contact the IT Service Desk to have this information corrected.

For more information about making the most of your MJC online directory page, please read The Online Directory: Your First Point of Student Contact.

If you'd like assistance in adding additional information to your directory page, please contact Joshua Sigman.


A Canvas shell is automatically created for every class section at MJC. Faculty are strongly encouraged to use their canvas shell to host class materials and grades, and to allow their students to turn in work online. To learn more about Canvas, visit our Canvas page. For assistance getting started with Canvas, contact Michael Smedshammer.