Self Evaluation Evidence


Facilities TCO Presentation 4/20/18

Additional Evidence Requested     

Candy Bar Survey Referenced in II.B.1-30
District Evaluation of HR Effectiveness Email
        *Admin Support Retreat Feedback Survey
        *Certified EEO Multiple Measure Fund Allocation Form 2016-2017
        *EEO Multiple Measure Allocation Cert Form 2015-2016
        *Leadership Meeting 07/14/16
        *Leadership Meeting 08/16/15
        *Leadership Retreat 08/17/17
        *YCCD HR Business Process Review 
MJC College Class Schedule at High Schools
Library Evidence II.B.1 Email
        *Annual Library Data Survey 2015-2016
Library Evidence II.B.2-2 Email
         *Curriculum Review Process for Librarian Rep to Curriculum Committee
Library Evidence II.B.3-3 - Library Instruction Assessment
Online Student Head Count
District Job Announcements
         *Associate Dean of Campus Life and Student Learning (MJC)
         *Dean of Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences (MJC)
         *Director of Agricultural Education - Deputy Sector Navigator - Ag Water and Environment Sector (MJC)
         *Vice President of College and Administrative Services (Columbia College)
         *Vice President of Instruction (MJC)
District Program Review
         *Program Review - Human Resources 2016
         *Program Review - Human Resources 2017
         *Program Review Meeting 2017
        *Fiscal Services Mission Statement
         *Final Satisfaction Survey
olicy And Procedure Committee Meeting Minutes
         *Board Study Session Minutes 8/10/15
         *Board Policy Standing Committee Minutes 5/8/17
         *Board Policy Standing Committee Minutes 7/10/17
         *Board Policy Standing Committee Minutes 8/7/17
New Board Member Training
         *New Board Member Training: Effective Trustee Workshop 1/27/17
         *New Board Member Transition Email 12/1/16
         *Board Development Workshop 3/29/17 
Board of Trustee Goals
Board of Trustees Special Priority Minutes 8/28/17
         *Board of Trustees Special Priority Agenda 9/13/17
         *Board of Trustees Special Priorities 2017-2018
Board of Trustees Form 700
Trustee Office Hours
Trustee Beggs Office Hours Email
         *Trustee Beggs Office Hours Grid
Student Complaints
         *Student Services Complaint Website (pdf)
         *Student General Complaint Form
         *Board Policy 3435 Discrimination and Harassment Complaints and Investigations
         *Board Policy 3540 Sex/Gender Harassment and Discrimination
         *Board Policy 4231 Grade Changes (Draft)
         *Board Policy 5530 Complaint Policy
         *Title IX Website (pdf)
         *Title IX Pamphlet
         *Title IX Investigation Flowchart
         *California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Complaint Form
Hiring Prioritization Positions 2011-2017
         *Hiring Prioritization Inception College Council Minutes 9/27/10 for (FY 2011)
         *Hiring Prioritization - Hiring Freeze/Budget Cuts (FY 2012)
         *Hiring Prioritization - Instruction Council Minutes 4/9/13 (FY 2013)
         *College Council Minutes Approving Hiring Prioritization List 12/2/13 (FY 2014)
         *Hiring Prioritization Position List (FY 2014)
         *Hiring Prioritization - Instruction Council Minutes 10/28/14 (FY 2015)
         *College Council Minutes Approving Hiring Prioritization List 12/8/14 (FY 2015)
         *Hiring Prioritization Position List from Instruction Council 11/25/14 (FY 2015)
         *College Council Minutes Approving Hiring Prioritization List 1/25/16 (FY 2016)
         *Hiring Prioritization Position List - Growth Positions (FY 2016)
         *Hiring Prioritization Position List - Replacement Positions (FY 2016)
         *College Council Minutes Approving Hiring Prioritization List 11/28/16 (FY 2017)
         *Hiring Prioritization Position List (FY 2017)

Standard I

BOT Minutes - 2/8/2017, Guided Pathways
Instruction Council Minutes - 12/1/15
Agenda - College Council 3/27/17
CSEA Agreement - Safe and Civil Workplace Statement

YFA Faculty Contract Statement of Professional Ethics
Athletic Program Review 2017
Kinesiology and Health Education Program Review 2017
Athletic Training Sports Medicine Program Review 2017
DSPS Program Review 2017
ATD Summary Data 2015
Program Review Template 2017 6.17
SLO and Assessment Handbook, 2nd Ed., 2017
Program Review Process Handbook 2017 6.17
Minutes - College Council 8/13/2013
IEPI Goals and ISS 2017 Revised
BOT Minutes - 6.15.2017
College Council Agenda
MJC FTES Summary
Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
MJC Associate Degree Requirements
Degree Trends - 2017 Fact Book
MJC Advertising Summary 2016-17
Reaffirmation of Accreditation Letter - 2014
Online Percentage of Programs
Third Party Announcement Email - June 2017
Medical Assisting Annual Report
Canvas Shell
Canvas Syllabus
Institutional Learning Outcomes
Catalog Production Graphic
Program Review Discussions - BBSS

Program Review Discussions - LLA
Minutes - Instruction Council 12/1/15 (IEPI Discussion)

Minutes - Instruction Council 9/15/15

Student Grievance Procedure - p. 370

Minutes - NURS Advisory Committee Spring 2017
Minutes - WELD Advisory Committee Spring 2017
Minutes - AUTO Advisory Committee Spring 2016

Minutes - AUTO Advisory Committee Spring 2017
Minutes - MACH Advisory Committee Spring 2017

Minutes - MACH Advisory Committee Fall 2016

Minutes - MACH Advisory Committee Spring 2015

Minutes - ELTEC Advisory Committee Fall 2015

Mission - Email to Deans 
A2Mend Sign Ups

Agenda - BBSS Division 11/4/16 (Mission)

Online Training Faculty Completers
Business Advisory Committee Minutes 2017

Business Advisory Committee Minutes 2015
Business Advisory Committee Minutes 2014
Online Course Review Summary 2012
Online Course Review Process 2012
Baccalaureate Task Force Minutes 2016
Ag Science Programs - 2017 Catalog
Common Ground Symposium Agenda
Math 921 COR
Advanced Canvas Training
Teaching in Canvas Training
Intro to Online Teaching
Online "Start Here" Module Screenshots
Course Success Rates by Modality
Baccalaureate Philosophy COR
Communications Courses 2017 Catalog
Baccalaureate Curriculum Map
Music Appreciation Class Search
Umoja Application
IC Minutes re: Hiring Prioritization 2016
ICAT Survey Results 2016
Instruction Council Minutes re: Program Review
RAC Survey 2017
College Technology Committee Survey 2016
Title V Grant Concept
Great Teachers Retreat Survey 2015
Umoja Outreach Brochure 2017
California Guided Pathways Application 2017
Strong Workforce Proposal Form 2017
Baccalaureate Degree Program Plan
Chancellor's Office Baccalaureate Course Approval
CRC Respiratory Care Program Endorsement
Minutes - Curriculum Committee 1/16/16 (Resp Care Approval)
Ag Irrigation Technology NSF Grant

Ag Irrigation Advisory Committee Minutes
Accounting Pilot Summary
Psychology Program Review
History Program Improvement
Program Review Outline 2
Program Review Outline 1
MJC Regional Equity Conference 2016
Baccalaureate COR Examples
Mission Statement Development Minutes
BBSS Division Minutes 2014
BBSS Division Agenda 2014
SWP Proposal List 2017
SWP Proposals 2017
ATD Data Summit 2017
English Acceleration
Basic Skills Programs
CTE Pathway
University Prep Pathway
CUE Faculty Institute
EOPS Agenda 2016
EOPS Agenda 2017
DSPS Retreat Agenda 2017
Noncredit Math Emporium
Equity Focus Group 
Campus Life Manual: Code of Conduct pgs. 13-14

Catalog: Code of Conduct pgs. 366-367

Catalog: Student Fees pg 49

Catalog: Student Services pgs. 77-88

SSSP Targeted High School Outreach 2016-2017

SSSP Targeted Community Outreach 2016-2017
Disney Training Agenda - Classified Staff

Irrigation Program Proposal

Minutes - RAC 11/7/14

Minutes - RAC 12/5/14
Minutes - RAC 2/6/15
Minutes - RAC 2/20/15
Minutes - RAC 1/13/17
Minutes - College Council 9/12/16

EMP Objectives pg. 20

EMP Workgroups pg. 34

Minutes - RAC 4/15/16 (Self-Evaluation)

RAC Goals 2015-2016 
Minutes - RAC 3/20/15 (Self-Evaluation)
Minutes - RAC 9/19/14 (2014-2015 Goals)
Minutes - RAC 4/18/14

Engaging All Voices 2017 pgs. 14-1
Engaging All Voices 2017 pg. 26

Minutes - Instruction Council 11/17/15 (Respiratory Care Faculty)

Engaging All Voices 2017 Council Responsibilities
 pgs. 10-14
Engaging All Voices 2017 Graphic

EMP Progress & Evaluation Template pgs. 31-32

Distance Education Plan pg. 3

Student Equity Plan pgs. 4, 19, 27-30

EMP pgs. 3, 38-50

EMP pg. 25

RAC Annual Evaluation Results 2015-2016

Minutes - Curriculum Committee (DE example) 01/19/16 

Resource Allocation Council IELM Allocation Timeline 2015-2016

Minutes - Resource Allocation Council 10/2/2015

Student Equity Plan pg. 19

Student Equity Plan pgs. 27-29

EMP Data Elements pgs. 3, 4, 7&8

Student Equity Plan pgs. 10-12

IEPI Goals 2015-2016 pgs. 2-4

Assessment & Program Review Cycle 2017

Engaging All Voices 2017, pgs. 5-7

Engaging All Voices 2017

Perkins Title I-C Final Progress Report 2014-2015

Perkins Title I-C Final Progress Report 2015-2016
EMP pgs. 28-29

Minutes - Academic Senate 10/20/16

Minutes - Academic Senate 12/1/16
Academic Senate Resolution S16-F (Assessment cycle)

Academic Senate Resolution S16-D (eLumen adoption)
LTAC Evaluation Forms

YFA Evaluation Forms
CSEA Evaluation Forms

LLR Division Agenda 10/20/16

LLR Division Minutes 10/20/16
Minutes - College Council 4/10/17

Model Online Course (Duffy)
Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2016
Basic Skills Plan
EMP pgs. 24-32

Student Equity Plan pgs 58-63

Institute Day - Fall 2016

Institute Day - Spring 2016
Institute Day - Spring 2017
Institute Day - Fall 2013

COE Regional Assessment

EMP pg. 47

Substantive Change: Baccalaureate Degree in Respiratory Care 201
Substantive Change: Baccalaureate Degree in Respiratory Care 2017 pgs 3-4
Disney Institute Training Service

Disney Training Module One
Title 5 Grant Abstract

Program Review - English 2016

Assessment Day Agenda 5/4/2017
Assessment Day Summary 5/4/2017
EMP Priorities and Logic Model

CCSSE 2015 Key Findings

Hiring Prioritization Document

Progress and Self-Evaluation Form

LLC Assessment Instruments

Engaging All Voices, pgs. 5&17

Minutes - College Council 11/28/16 
(Strategic Plan)
CoArc Accreditation Standards

EMP Appendix A

EMP; Work Plan pg 23-29

Minutes - College Council 3/17/17

MJC Fact Book

Substantive Change: New Program Degrees and Certificates
EMP Data Elements
Achieving the Dream Data Summit 2016

Student Equity Plan pgs. 13, 19, 27-30, 37, 43

Mission Statement Development Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Pgs 5&6

Transfer Model Curriculum Plan and Progress Spreadsheet
Distance Education Plan: Appendix E "Online Course Design Rubric"
Substantive Change: BA Respiratory Care
Minutes - College Council - Mission 4/11/16
Minutes - BOT - Mission 5/11/16
Minutes - Academic Senate 10/30/14
Minutes - College Council 10/27/14
CUE Leaders Initiative
Distance Education Plan 2012-2017
Academic Senate Resolution S16-G
CCCCO Approval Letter - Respiratory Care
Minutes - College Council 3/28/16
Minutes - College Council 4/11/16
SLO Assessment Handbook
California Education Code Section 66010.4
Distance Education Plan

Mission Statement Workshop Summary

Mission Statement Elements

Respiratory Care Practitioners

Respiratory Therapy Technician Medical and Health Managers

Respiratory Care Advisory Committee Minutes 12-7-15

MJC EMP Chalkboard

EMP Survey Results Overview

EMP Survey Results 10-11-16

Disney Institute Training Service

Disney Training Module One - Purpose

MJC Irrigation Design Certificate Program Endorsement Template

Achieving The Dream Implementation Plan

Achieving The Dream TOC Draft 1 year

Engaging All Voices -  Decision-Making Guiding Principles pg. 15

Standard I - B

Student Services Assessment Matrix 2013-2018
Online Course Narrative

Changes to Online Program  - Ganes
Changes to Online Program - GopalChanges to Online Program - Smedshammer
Outcomes Assessment Narrative - Gopal
Academic Senate Resolution S16-C
Budget Development & Resource Allocation Process Graphic
District Budget Planning Timeline

RAC Initial Evaluation Minutes 4-18-14

RAC Minutes 9-5-14 - Summary of evaluation and 2014-2015 Draft Schedule

RAC Minutes 9-19-14 -- 2014-2015 Goals

RAC Minutes 3-20-15 -- RAC Self-Evaluation and Goal Setting

RAC 2015-2016 Goals

RAC  Minutes 4-15-16 -- Evaluation, Goal Setting

RAC Minutes 11-7-14 -- Resource Allocation Process Outlined and Redefined from 2013-2014

RAC Minutes 12-5-14 -- Summary of Allocation Process

RAC Minutes 2-6-15 -- Summary and evaluation of the IELM Resource Allocation Process

RAC Minutes 2-20-15 -- Improving the Allocation Process

RAC Minutes 1-13-17 -- Summary of the IELM Allocation Process

MJC Educational Master Plan Development - Feedback from Charrettes

Educational Master Plan Development 2016

Educational Master Plan Development Process

Respiratory Care Bachelor's Degree Schedule

Respiratory Care Baccalaureate Application Process

Respiratory Care Baccalaureate Eligibility and Requirements

MJC Research and Planning

Community College Survey of Student Enrollment

Instructional Equipment Rubric

MJC Multiple Measures

Online Facility Resources

Outcomes Assessment Index

MJC 2017 Student Success Scorecard

MJC Instruction Catalog

CurricUNET link

PiratesNet link

Breakdown of Fees and Tuition

College Council Minutes 9-12-16

Data Summit Agenda

College Council Minutes 4-11-16

Board Policy 7-8051

BOT Minutes May 2016

Respiratory Care Practitioners

Respiratory Therapy Technician Therapists Medical and Health Managers

Standard I - C

Board Study Session Minutes 8/10/15
Board Policy Standing Committee Minutes 8/5/17

Board Policy Standing Committee Minutes 7/10/17

Board Policy Standing Committee Minutes 8/7/17

Standard II

Canvas Sign-In for Students
Outcomes Assessment Handbook - Second Edition
MJC Website Application Instructions
Free Bus Passes for Students Announcement
Athletic State Decorum Policy
History Program Review w/disaggregated data
West Campus Student Services Announcement
Athletics Cash Box Procedures
MJC Fact Book 2017
Student Services SLOs and Program Review Schedule 2016-17
English 45 Syllabus Example 2017
English Program Review  - Long Range Planning
Five Year SLO Cycle 2013
English 45 Syllabus Example
MJC Catalog 2016-17 PLO Examples
MJC Catalog 2016-17 GELOs
YFA Contract p. 102-105
Program Review Data Dashboards
High School Outreach 2016-2017
Agriculture Mechanics Program Review 2017
Business Administration Program Review 2017
Business Administration Program Review 2017 with Disaggregated Data
Campus Life Program Review 2017
Health Services Program Review 2017
Crisis Counseling Process

Baccalaureate Assessment Schedule
Resource Allocation Form 2015-16
Baccalaureate CLO PLO ILO Map
Abbreviated Ed Plan (redacted)
Program Review Process Handbook

Program Review Process Handbook pgs. 4-7
Academic Senate Handbook

Coaches Code of Ethics

Statement of Athletic Philosophy 
Agenda - SSEC 4/3/17 (CCSSE Update)

Minutes - SSEC 4/3/17 (CCSSE Update)
CTE Advisory Membership List - Electronics

Assessment Schedule - BUSAD, RLES, & SUPR 2017-2023

Minutes - Curriculum Committee 11/22/16

Mapping GUIDE-111 to ILOs

Mapping LIB-100 to ILOs

Math Outcomes Study 2014

Math Validity Study 2017
Classified Staff Appreciation Breakfast Invite
360 Evaluation Survey Form (LTAC Handbook)

Campus Life Manual

Agenda - District Executive Team Meeting 5/25/17

Minutes - District Council 10/28/15 (Strategic Plan)

Minutes - District Council 11/16/16 (Faculty Hiring Prioritization, EEO Training, Audit, ATD)

SLO Manual 2017 - Qualitative Analysis pg. 20

Convocation Agenda 2016

Baccalaureate Program Personnel
SLO Mapping Example - Engl 49
SLO Handbook  - Assessing CLOs, p. 19-20
Online Training Certificate - J. Fantazia
Online Training Certificate - B. Hunt
Licensure Passage Rates
Transfer Course Evaluation Form
CCC Registry Job Fairs Fast Facts 2017
New Student Day Program 2017

Institute Day Agenda - Spring 2015

New Student Day Agenda 2017
Distance Ed Program Review 2016
English 49 Final Prompt
English 49 Graded Essay
DEAC Minutes 9.2016
DEAC Minutes 3.2017
Title 5: 55063
Title 5: 55061
History Program Review 2016

Health Services Program Review 2016
Art Program Review 2016
Automotive Program Review 2016
Music Program Review 2015
Psychology Program Review 2016
Business Administration Program Review 2016
Library Program Review 2016
Humanities Program Review 2016
Political Science Program Review 2014
Anthropology Program Review 2016 
SEP pgs. 27-30




Minutes - Dean's Cabinet 11/03/14

Comprehensive Ed Plan

Abbreviated Ed Plan 
Faculty Evaluations Due 2016-2017

MJC CCCCO Program Inventory 2017

Syllabus Pharmacy Tech - 900

Scheduling Email - English Department Rotation F16

EZ Proxy Sign In Snapshot

Curriculum Manual - Program Modification Directions (PLO Checklist)

CUE Agenda 2016

CUE Agenda 2017
CUE Faculty Participation Final Report
Online Readiness Survey Statistics

ENGL-49 Norming Rubric

ENGL-49 Norming Session Email
Library Computer Needs Survey

CCAP Agreement with MCS

CUE Embedding Equity Faculty Impact Memo 2017

Great Teachers' Retreat Attendees 2016

Counselor Retreat 2016
Counseling Operational Plan 2013
SEP pgs. 21-26
Equity Mini Grant Proposals 2017

Class Search - Off Campus Offerings

Class Search - English 103

Block Scheduling Guidelines

Class Search - Spanish 2017

Suggested Music Course Sequence

EL Welcome Center Launch

LLC Strategic Plan

Nursing Instructor Interview Questions
Title V Grant Goals
ENGL-101 Course Description

HIST-101 Course Description
Faculty Advising Appointments

FLEX Options
ATD Brochure
Math Sequence Graphic

Contract Education - High Schools

Contract Education - Employers
Minutes - CTE Division 2/19/16 (Program Review, Assessment, Curriculum)

Minutes - CTE Division 3/4/16 (EEO Training, Evaluations, Success Retention & Completion Rates Due)

Classified Evaluation Schedule - AHS & FCS 2017
Faculty Evaluation Schedule - AHS & FCS 2017
Minutes - CTE Division 3/18/16 (Program Review, Evaluation Schedule, EMP)
Agenda - CTE Division 9/16/16 (6 Factors, EMP, Strategic Directions, Perkins Proposals, Advisory Meeting Schedule)

Agenda - CTE Division 10/7/17 (Evaluations, Strong Workforce, Assessment, Program Review)
IELM Budget Request - LLA Division Email

IELM Budget Request - CTE Division Email

Minutes - CTE Division 1/20/17 (IELM, Syllabus)

Ag Science Extra Curricular - 2017

Syllabus - LOGST-205 (Akpovi)
Syllabus - LOGST-203 (Akpovi)

Syllabus - LOGST-202 (Akpovi)
Syllabus - LOGST-201 (Akpovi)
Syllabus - LOGST-200 (Akpovi)

California Acceleration Project Design & Development Institute 2016

Third Party Comment Announcement (website)

Syllabus - HIST-125 Online (Martin)

Choral Concert 2017

ACDA Dance Program 2017
Community Education Schedule Summer 2017
Romeo and Juliet Program 2015

Speech and Debate Team 2016
Program Review Schedule
CoArc Entry Standards pg. 6

Online Accessibility Training
Academic Senate Agenda 6.8.2017
PiratesNet CLOs AGGE-146
Online Readiness Results

Online Training Conference 2017

Minutes - Curriculum Committee Compilation (PLO approval)

Reflection 1/16/15 (Six Factors)

Agenda - English Department 4/7/17

Minutes - College Council 6/15/17
YFA Contract Article 37.6 (Training for Review and Evaluation)
Syllabus - ENGL-45 (Kranzman)

YFA Contract Article 6.7 (Evaluations)

YFA Contract Articles 6.2 - 6.4 (Evaluations)

Minutes - College Council 4/24/17

Syllabus - Introduction to Online Instruction(Smedshammer)
Syllabus - Introduction to Canvas (Smedshammer)
Syllabus - Introduction to Advanced Canvas (Smedshammer)
Minutes - Student Services Managers 6/14/16

Non Credit SSSP Plan 2016

RCBP Daily School Calendar Spring 2018

RCBP Daily School Calendar Fall 2017
Title V - College Questions

ETS Report 2016

Agenda - Student Services Assessment Work Group 3/28/17 (SSLOs & SAOs)

Agenda - Student Services Assessment Work Group 5/2/17 (eLumen)
Minutes - Counselors' Planning Meeting 04/21/16

Counseling Program Review 2016
TRiO Program Review 2016
CDTC Program Review 2016

Inside Track Coach Training Agenda 5/15/2017

Inside Track Coach Training Agenda 1/3/2017
Faculty Handbook pg. 36

Faculty Handbook 2005

Agenda - TRiO Staff Meeting 9/16/16 (SLO & Program Review)

Minutes - Student Services Managers 9/19/16

CSU Tag Workshop Flyer

CDTC Calendar of Monthly Events Spring 2017
Getting to know your CDTC Flyer
CSU Application Workshop Flyer
Transfer Center Resources Flyer
UC Tag Workshop Flyer (CTC)
English Course Sequence Graphic

Articulation Sample: BUSAD CSU Stanislaus

Articulation Sample: Animal Science UC Davis
EOPS Program Plan 2016

CARE Year End Report 2016
CalWORKS Program Plan 2016
Program Review Template 2017

Catalog - Evaluation of Credit

Validity Study Report:Disproportionate Impact - English

Validity Study Report Study Tables - English
Validity Study Report - LLA
Faculty Learning Community Proposal

Faculty Learning Community Report 2015
Faculty Learning Community Academic Senate Support
ASB Manual 2015

ASMJC Constitution 2017-2018

Specialist Information Poster

Male Collaborative Student Success Hub Flyer

Pirates Day Fall 2016

Canvas Shell (Success Specialist) - Elida's Updates

Canvas Shell (Success Specialist) - LaKiesha Intro
Canvas Shell (Success Specialist) - Eric's Graphic
Canvas Shell (Success Specialist) - Registration Updates

Six Factors Poster
Pathways Center Flyer

EOPS Retreat 2015

Cuesta College Learning Disabilities Conference 2015

Developing Pathways for Student Success and Completion Conference (Counseling)

Bridging the Gaps Conference Agenda 2015 (CTE)

RN Program Approval Letter

Program Review - Financial Services 2013

A2MEND Sign Up

Catalog 2017-2018

Blooms Taxonomy

BOT Consent Item - Personnel (SSSP Counselors)
Student Services Representative Job Description

College Skills 100 COR - FTIC
Financial Aid Outreach Dates 2016-2017
Cash for College Flyer

Financial Aid Fridays
Financial Aid Bog Fee Annual Report 2015 (SSARCC)

Guided Pathways Acceptance Letter

New Student Day Thank You Email 2017

MJC SLO Manual 2017

Disney Institute Training Module 2
Library 101-- CLO Assessment 2013
English Course Sequence

DE Equity Presentation 2016
CalWORKS Annual Report 2015
EOP&S Annual Report
DSPS Annual Report
SEP pgs. 31-36

Basic Skills Report 2015


Dept of Ed Title V Report 2016

NSF Ag Irrigation Report 2017
CCSSE Results for LLC
Inside Track Training Agenda
MJC GE Pattern
Catalog 2017-2018 pgs. 71-72
SEP pgs. 29-30, 37

FAFSA Checklist 2014

FAFSA Letter 2015
TRIO Senior Day 2016
Financial Literacy Workshop 2016
SLO Manual 2017 pgs. 11, 25, 36, 45, 50, 56

SEP pgs. 13-14

CCSSE Exec Summary 2015 pg. 4

SSSP Plan pg. 14

SSSP Plan pg. 16

ATD Implementation Plan

CUE Faculty Institute Syllabus Examples
EAV pgs. 23-24
EAV pgs. 26-41
Minutes - Student Services Council 1/23/15 (Opening Doors)

Minutes - College Council 3/9/15 (Multiple Measures
MJC Bus Article
Respiratory Care Curriculum Mapping
Respiratory Care LMI Data

ACCJC Approval Letter: Substantive Change - Respiratory Care 2017

Respiratory Care Program CoArc Accreditation Letter

YFA Contract: Article 6 (Evaluations)
Outcomes Assessment Handbook (2nd Edition 2017)

Curriculum Meeting Dates 2017-2018

Catalog: GE Patterns pg. 109
CTE Employment Outcomes
CoArc Entry Standards - Baccalaureate Degree
Outcomes Assessment Workgroup Website
Substantive Change - Distance Education
Distance Education Plan
Catalog (2016-2017) - Program Learning Outcomes
Catalog (2016-2017) - Degrees and Certificates

Curriculum Committee Bylaws

Curriculum Review Process

Education Code 66010.4 - Comprehensive Mission Statement

Title 5 55002 - Standards and Criteria for Courses
Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH)
BP 4020 (Program and Curriculum Development)
BP 4025 (Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education)
BP 3225 (Institutional Effectiveness)
BP/AP 4-8065 (Syllabus)
BP 4100 (Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates)
BP 4021 (Program Discontinuance)
DE Addendum Recommendation to Curriculum Committee

Online Course Rubric 5-22-12

Summary of Online Course Rubric Review

13-14 CTEOS Summary Data 09/16/15

Statewide CTEOS 2014

MJC Career & Technical Education (CTE) Employment Outcomes Survey 2014

Employment Outcomes Survey for CTE Certificate and Degree Completers MJC

CoARC Entry Standards

Pirate Express Bus Schedule

Modesto Bee Article

Respiratory Care Baccalaureate Degree Course Schedule

Credit by Examination

Career Development and Transfer Center

CSU - GE Certification Worksheet

PiratesNet Class Search

Library and Learning Center Workshops

Library and Learning Center - Ask A Librarian


MJC Library 101 - Library Research YouTube

Library & Learning Center - Workshops on Demand

Library & Learning Center - Services for Online Students

Library & Learning Center - Computers and WiFi

Study Rooms - Home

Technology You Can Borrow

PLO, GELO, and ILO Assessment

West Campus Services

Student Success and Equity Committee Minutes 10/3/16

Success Specialists

YFA Contract Page 14

Institutional Learning Outcomes

About the Outcomes Assessment Cycle

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Handbook

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment web link

Auto Body Collision Repair and Industrial Paint


Gainful Employment Autobody/Collision Repair

Course Information Class Search

Comprehensive Ed-Planning Workshops


MJC Program Viability Assessment: Revitalization, Reduction, and Discontinuance Procedures

Online Course Rubric 5/22/12

Summary of Online Course Rubric Review

Recruitment Sites

Non Credit Math Emporium

Math Emporium Clarifications

Standard II - B

Library Instruction Assessment

LLC - Faculty Meeting Minutes 11/1/12

LLC - Springshare Contract

LLC - OCLC Worldshare Contract

Tutoring & SI Data 2015-2016

ACRL Survey

LLC - Collection Development Policy

LLC - Computer Needs Survey Results

CurricUnet - Library Resource Request

CurricUnet - Course Review Proposal

LLC Quick Data Reference

LLC Inventory - Spring 2015

Respiratory Care Plan of Service

Security Gate Counts

SI Assessment - F13

SI Assessment - F14

2014 Library Assessment Matrix

Library & Learning Center - Database Website

Library & Learning Center - Services for Online Students

Survey - Candy Bar

Library & Learning Center - Faculty Services

Library & Learning Center - Materials Purchase Request Form

Library & Learning Center - Writing Center Website

COR - Tutor 100

COR - Tutor 110

Standard II - C

Financial Aid Fridays

Outreach Dates 16/17

Survey for I Can Afford College Workshop

 Title V Data Elements

Title V Draft Spreadsheet College Questions

Overcoming The Challenges as a Man of Color Results - Focus Group

2017 Umoja Trifold

Care Program

Bridge Program


Comprehensive Ed Planning Workshops

TRIO Student Support Services

CA Guided Pathways Project Application


Standard III

MJC Beckwith Ranch
Title V § 53420 Minimum Qualifications for Educational Administrators
Ed Code § 87359 

Title V § 53430 Equivalencies

Title V § 53400 Scope

YFA Faculty Contract, Banked Leave

VIPJPA Annual Financial Report 2016
Professional Learning Network Announcement
MIS Code Corrections Email
Starfish Degree Planner Communication
YCCD FON 2010 - 2016
Program Improvement and Resource Allocation Model
CSEA Contract - Personnel Files
Associate Degree Nursing Program Review 2016
LTAC Agreement - Vacation Accrual, p. 33-34
CSEA Contract - Vacation Accrual, p. 38-39
Student Equity Plan 2014-2017
Desktop Bundle Agreement - Computerland
Deep Freeze Contract
CTC Plan 2017 - Charge and Membership
LTAC Handbook - Evaluation, p.24 - 27
Baccalaureate Sub Change - Minimum Quals, p. 15
YFA Contract - Hiring Procedures
Work Order Screen Shot
East Campus Map
West Campus Map
Video Conference Room - Nursing

Facilities Master Plan Update - Nursing
MJC/Columbia College Nursing Collaborative
MJC Default Rate 2015-16
MJC Default Rate
Classified Staff Retreat 2014
Pension Rate Stabilization Trust Transfer

YCCD Audited Financial Statements 2011
Controller Job Description
Executive Vice Chancellor Job Description
Student Equity Plan Goals 2015-2017
College Technology Plan Goals 2017 - 2022
Distance Education Plan Goals 2012-2017
College Mission and Goals
Colleague Requisition Page screenshot
BOT Minutes - 9/14/2016
Science Community Center LEED Certification
Student Services Building LEED Certification
YCCD Unassigned Space Report
MJC Facilities Assessment Report
YCCD 5-Year Construction Plan
Facilities Staffing Plan by Square Footage
CTC IELM Technology Review - 2017
Events and Facilities Specialist Job Description
Ad Astra Classroom Scheduling Snapshot
Standing Meeting of President and Facilities Director
EMS Classroom Schedule Screenshot
MJC Room Usage Screenshot
Operational Sites of MJC
HVAC Contract
Environmental Compliance Report
Elevator Permits
YCCD 5-Year Capital Outlay Plan
YCCD 5-Year Maintenance Plan
Deans' email re: IELM requests
Program Review Resource Request Form 2016
Program Review Resource Request Form 2017
CSEA Contract Article 20 Professional Growth and Educational Opportunities
Agenda - BOT 12/14/16 (Audit Reports)

Minutes - BOT 12/14/16 (Audit Reports)
Information Security - Change Management

Resolution no. 04-05/001 BOT 7/14/04

BBSS Spring 2015 Adjunct Orientation Minutes

BBSS Spring 2016 Adjunct Orientation Agenda

Spring 2017 Institute Day Sign In Sheets

Agenda - 
Leadership Team 9/15/16

YFA Contract Article 3 - FLEX Obligation

Job Description - Course Design Coordinator
Hiring Prioritization Growth Position Rankings FY 2016-2017

District Auditors Report 2016-2017

Fund 12 Budget 2016-2017
Network Monitoring Screenshot

Annual Safety Training Invite
Agenda - BOT 6/14/17 (Classification Review)

Minutes - BOT 7/9/14 (Reorganization of Auxiliary Services)

Minutes - District Council 10/26/16

Yosemite IT Assessment

Respiratory Care Baccalaureate Degree Course Schedule Fall 2017
Events Calendar

Program Review Process, p. 4-6
EMP - 2017-2022
EAV - Resource Allocation
Technology Plan - Total Cost of Ownership
Map of Route between East and West Campus
MJC Technology Plan Objectives
EAV: Facilities, RAC, CTC Charge
Renovation Announcement 2017
EAV Distance Ed Charge
YCCD Space Inventory
IELM Allocations 2015
EAV: Facilities, CTC, DE Committee Charges
Community Engagement Project Event Announcement
LCW Webinar Invitation
SSR Training Presentation
Adjunct Welcome Reception
Online Faculty Evaluation Form
MJC Technology Plan 2017-2022
MJC Facilities Master Plan 2007

Science Outdoor Education

YCCD/MJC Portal Screenshot

Datatel Access Request Form

eLumen Training Announcement
Federal Regulation Compliance - Financial Aid
MJC Grants - 2013-2016
Colleague Database Migration Email
Network Outage Email
Computer Inventory Replacement Plan Summary - March 2017
Baccalaureate Facebook Outreach
RAC Guiding Principles
IELM Funded Projects - 2017
Systems Integration and Integrity
YCCD Access Points
YCCD Network Overview
YCCD Standard Switch VLAN Layout
Interview Rating Form - Computer Graphics
Teaching Demonstration - Computer Graphics
Interview Questions - Child Development
2nd Level Interview Questions - Librarian
Job Announcement - Career Services Director 

Job Announcement - Athletic Trainer and Instructor of Biology/Health/Dietetics
Job Announcement - Campus Safety Lead
Administrative Support Retreat 2017 Invitation

VP Forums Announcement

MJC Employee Census Graph - Spring 2017
Online Training Invitation
Faculty List 2017-2018
Job Description Template - Tenure Track Faculty
YCCD Scheduled Maintenance Program 2017

District Employee Profiles 2010-2016
Temporary Out of Class Recruitment Guideline 2017 Update

Temporary Out of Class Procedures 2017 Update

Minutes - BOT 6/10/15 (EEO Plan)

MJC Title V Grant Approval 2015
CTC Plan - Training
EMP Technology Activities
Comm 400 COR
Baccalaureate Technology List
Title V Abstract
STEM Grant Abstract
Portal Development email
QLess Planning email
Mobile App Announcement
CTC Goal 2 2017
ITS Org Chart 2017
YCCD Instructional Technology Standards 2017
MJC Mediated Room Inventory
CTC Work Plan 2017
LTAC Measurable Goals (Annual Evaluation)

LTAC Job Appraisal Form (Evaluation)

CSEA Program Improvement Plan (PIP)

LTAC Handbook - Evaluations pgs. 24-27

Job Description - Dean

Job Description - Dean of BBSS

Job Announcement - Trio Administrative Assistant 2017

Job Announcement - Dean of BBSS

Respiratory Care Tenure Track Faculty Job Announcement 2017

Classroom Technology Standards
CCCCO Minimum Qualification Handbook

BP 7120 (Recruitment and Hiring)

EEO Plan 2015

Education Code Section 70901.2

Education Code Section 70902(b)(7)

Education Code Section 70902(d)

Education Code Section 87100

Education Code Section 87400

Education Code Section 88003

CSEA Code of Ethics

YCCD Recruitment and Hiring Process

YCCD Recruitment and Hiring Process Page 3

YCCD Recruitment and Hiring Process Page 4

Confidentiality Statement

P&P Document

YCCD Board Policy Website


CoARC Website

California Labor Code 1198.5

California Education Code Section 87031

BOT Minutes June 2016

BOT Agenda June 8, 2016

MJC Mission Statement

Positive People Speaker Series

MLK Flyer

Wes Moore Flyer

Hispanic Education Conference Flyer

Recruitment Fair Flyer

Chancellor Search Announcement

Title 5 Section 53400

Title 5 Section 53430

Equivalency Website

Determination of Equivalency for Disciplines Requiring Masters Degree Form

Determination of Equivalency - No Masters Form

Equivalency BA or AA Form

California Education Code 87359

Board Policy 7211

Board Policy 7-8047

Title 5 Section 53420

Board Policy 7250

Board Policy 7-8037

Board Policy 7260

Board Policy 2435

Board Policy 3225

Board Policy 7150

Board Policy 3410

Board Policy 3420

Board Policy 3430

Board Policy 7232

YCCD Leadership Team Job Performance Appraisal Form #22

MJC Curriculum Manual

YFA Contract

YCCD-YFA Approved Guidelines for Professional Improvement Requests

Temporary Out of Class Form

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Job Description

Director of College Research Job Description

Director of Basic Skills Job Description

Director of Access, Retention, & Student Success

College Research Analyst Job Description

YFA Faculty Contract Appendix C-2

CSEA Chapter 420 Contract Article 21

CSEA Evaluation Section

YFA Evaluation Section

Professional Learning Network website

Faculty Hiring Process

Salary Schedule

Faculty job announcements

Senate Membership

Great Teacher's Retreat Agenda 2015


Temporary Out of Class Guidelines

BOT Minutes - January 2017

Nursing Job Announcement

Math Job Announcement

FON Chart

CEO Evaluation, Process, and Timeline

BOT Self-Evaluation

Datatel & Report Access Requests

FTES 2017 Target

Email Announcement from K. Pritchard 1-19-2017

Senate Hiring Committee Criteria

YCCD Current Classifications

Sample Positions listed on CCC Registry

Recruitment Announcement Dean of Business, Behavioral, and Social Sciences

Recruitment Announcement Instructor of Biology, Full Time Tenure Track 2017-2018 

Recruitment Announcement Admissions Records Systems Specialist, Enrollment Services/Student Services

Sample Application Screening Document

Sample Interview Document

Application Score Sheet

YCCD Faculty Hiring Procedures

YCCD New Employee Orientation 3-16-17

YCCD-YFA Approved Guidelines for Professional Improvement Requests (Personnel - Certified)

Sample email for HR New Employee Orientation

Sample email for HR New Employee Orientation

Sample Interview Questions re: Diversity

2016 EEO Analysis Report from PeopleAdmin

CSEA Contract - Article 19 Classification Review

Classification Review

Classification Review Preliminary Report 2016-2017

Classification Training

Temporary Out Of Class Recruitment

Scheduled Maintenance Notice of Completion 

YCCD Fiscal Services Unit Strategic Plans

Proposed Disney Agenda

Standard III - B

North Hall Naming Emails
North Hall Meeting 10/9/14 Email
North Hall Meeting 11/14/14 Email
North Hall Updates Email
North Hall Walk through Email

YCCD Measure E Bond - End of Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Expenditure Report

YCCD CS Master Plan

YCCD Facilities Master Plan

Educational Master Plan Website Link

Program Management Plan for Measure E Bond Program

EMP 2006-07

Facilities Council

YCCD Fiscal Services Unit Strategic Plans

Board Policy 3-8027

Board Policy 3-8025

Board Policy 3-8073

Board Policy 3530

Board Policy 3-8025

Board Policy 3500

Board Policy 3501

Board Policy 3720

Board Policy 6200

Board Policy 6250

Work Order Requests Link

Distance Education Committee Mission Statement

Distance Education Plan 2012-2017

Yosemite CCD Report 17 Certification

MJC Bond Projects Link

YCCD Measure E Budgets and Schedules

Facilities Council link

Facilities Request Form

Engaging All Voices 2012

BOT Minutes May 2014

Change Order/Routing Form

OCLC WorldShare Management Services Proposal

RAC website link

MJC Distance Education Committee Meeting Minutes September 21, 2015

Joint Resolution with Academic Senates of CC and MJC

Administrative Regulations

Library website link

MJC Online Readiness Quiz

MJC Online Education website link

MJC Online Student Resources website link

Canvas screenshot

YCCD 2016-2017 Final Budget

YCCD 2016-2017 Final Budget Review

YCCD Resource Allocation Model Analysis

YCCD Budget Allocation Model Summary Sheet

YCCD Budget Allocation Taskforce

YCCD District Council Statement of Principles

Measure E Bond Program

Measure E Bond Program - MJC link

Grant Activity 7/1/16 to 1/23/17

YCCD Audit Reports Link

YCCD General Fund Budget 2014-2015

Evidence of RAC Completing an Allocation Cycle

Educational Master Plan

YCCD General Budget Fund

YCCD General Unrestricted Fund Budget

College Council Minutes link

YCCD Fiscal Services link

MJC President's Office website link

MJC Strategic Directions

YCCD Budget Planning Timeline

Chart of Accounts

Custodian Job Description

Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Grounds Maintenance Technician

Facilities Org Chart

MJC West Campus Google map

Maps & Directions

Work Order Form screenshot

Operations Org Chart 2017


Standard III - C

Lab Aide Student Training Document

Technology Committee Jan 10 2017 Agenda

Technology Committee agendas/minutes

Tutoring website

Tutor Description

Canvas Guides

Fiscal Services Classroom

Fiscal Services Classroom Employee Review

OCLC Support & Training

Online Faculty Resources link


Standard III - D

RAC Agendas

Annual Budget Report Slide 15

College Council Minutes 2/9/15

2016-2017 Final Budget

Quarterly Financial Status Report - Quarter ended 12/31/15

Quarterly Financial Status Report - Quarter ended 3/31/16

Quarterly Financial Status Report - Quarter ended 6/30/16

Quarterly Financial Status Report - Quarter ended 9/30/16

Resource Allocation narrative

YCCD Financial Statements

Annual Financial and Budget Report

Internal Auditor/Budget Analyst job description

VIPJPA website link

Spring 2016 Faculty Banking Summary

Org Chart

YCCD Audit of Cash on Hand

U.S. Department of Education School Default Rate

Review of Management Processes After Audit - District

Review of Management Processes After Audit - GVM

Review of Management Processes After Audit - Foundation



Standard IV

Minutes - BOT 6/14/17
Board Connection for BOT Meeting 7/12/17

BOT Minutes 12/9/2015

English 45 Sections Fall 2017
Academic Senate Minutes 12/2014 - Hiring Prioritization
Instruction Council Hiring Prioritization 2015-16
BOT Minutes 9/10/2014. IT Reorganization
Fiscal Services Program Review 2013-2016
Chancellor's Cabinet Agenda Template 2017
MJC Foundation Assets
CCPT Grant Narrative
Baccalaureate Equipment List
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act 2016

NEH Grant Report - CSU Pathway
MJC Bike Path
MJC Sections - Fall 2017
Minutes - CTC 1/10/17 (Ranking of Technology Requests)

Academic Senate Joint Resolution with Columbia College - Adoption of Canvas

Agenda - Academic Senate 4/13/17 (Example of Faculty Rep to the BOT)

College Technology Plan 2017-2022 - Evaluations Goal #2 pgs 10-11

SEP pgs. 57-62

Minutes - District Council 1/27/16

Minutes - District Council 3/26/14

Minutes - District Council 3/23/16

Minutes - District Council 2/25/15

Agenda - District Council 9/25/13

Agenda - District Council 4/24/13

Minutes - BOT 2/28/13 (Dismissal of President)

Board Chair Handbook - Consent Agenda Items pg. 20

Agenda - BOT Study Session 6/15/17

Minutes - BOT 6/10/15 (Budget Amendment 2015-2016)

Minutes - RAC 4/7/17 (IELM, Budget Recommendations to CC)

YCCD Financial Statement 2015-2016

BOT Training - CCLC Conference 1/27/17

BOT Self Evaluation Tool

Brice Harris PowerPoint Presentation to the BOT 10/24/16

Minutes - BOT 9/9/15

Fund 11 Salary Fringe Budget 2016-2017

Minutes - BOT 10/12/16

Agenda - BOT 9/14/16

Minutes - BOT 9/14/16

Chancellor's Cabinet Retreat Agendas

Calendar Invite - Standard III Review with District

Standard Team Membership

Job Description - Vice President of Instruction

YCCD Org Chart 2016-2017

Calendar - Board of Trustees Meeting Item Deadlines 2017

Minutes - BOT 1/11/17 (Beggs Recusal)

BOT Special Priorities 2016-2017

Agenda - BOT Study Session 10/24/16 (Self-Evaluation)

Minutes - BOT Study Session 10/24/16 (Self-Evaluation)

Agenda - BOT Study Session 6/15/17 (ISER Review)

Minutes - BOT 11/9/16 (Scorecard Presentation)

Minutes - BOT 5/14/14 (Scorecard Presentation)

Minutes - BOT 8/10/16

Agenda - BOT 6/14/17 (Closed session/legal)

Agenda - BOT Finance Committee 6/5/17

Minutes - BOT 5/10/17 (Accreditation Update, EMP Approval)

Minutes - BOT 1/18/17 (Role of Accreditation for Boards)

Minutes - BOT 4/8/15 (Achieving the Dream Presentation to the Board)

Minutes - BOT 4/13/16 (presentations to the board)

President's Letter to the Board 4/5/17

Catalog - ADT Example (History)

Minutes - District Council 8/24/16 (Accreditation Update)

Minutes - Accreditation Council 1/12/17 (ISER Development & Communication)

Minutes - BOT 3/8/17 (Accreditation Reports)

Accreditation Feedback Forum Reminder 3/28/17

Engaging all Voices 2017 pg. 30 (AC Charges)

Minutes - BOT 6/8/16 Strategic Vision

SEP pgs. 19, 27-29, 37, 43

College Administrative Services Organizational Chart

Engaging All Voices 2012 Email from the President

Reflection 4/19/17

Reflection 6/16/16

Online Assessment/eLumen Training Email (Nita 10/04/16)

Minutes - CSEA 12/17/15

Minutes - CSEA 2/18/16

Minutes - ASMJC 3/24/217

COE Occupational Overview- Respiratory Care

EMP Development Data Impressions

Acceleration Timeline Fall 2015 - Fall 2017

A Window into Acceleration Poster 

Executive Scan: Information Technology 2017

MJC Organizational Chart 2017

MJC Organizational Chart - Student Services 2017

MJC Organizational Chart - Instruction 2017

Leadership Academy - Schedule 2013-2014

Leadership Academy - Schedule 2015-2016

Leadership Academy - Invitation to Apply 2013-2014

Leadership Academy - Invitation to Apply 2015-2016

Leadership Academy - Participant List 2014-2015

Leadership Academy - Participant List 2015-2016

SSSP Newsletter Spring 2017

EAV - Roles & Decision Making pgs. 17-22

New ALO Advisory to ACCJC

Agenda - College Council 2/27/17 - IELM Allocation 2017

EAV - Role of Faculty/Academic Senate pgs. 17-18

Minutes - College Council 4/24/17 (waiting)

Minutes - Academic Senate 4/6/17

Minutes - Academic Senate 11/9/15

Agenda - College Council 11/9/15

Agenda - College Council 11/23/15

Minutes - College Council 11/9/15

Minutes - College Council 11/23/15

EMP Appendix C

YCCD Board Policy Review Process Update

Administrator Employment Agreement

President's Meeting - Call for Agenda Items 03/08/17

President's Meeting - Call for Agenda Items 05/04/17

YCCD Budget Memo 2014-2015

YCCD Wellness - CPR Registration Invite

Safety Spotlight February 2017

Facilities Newsletter September 2016

Board Meeting Announcement 01/18/17

Board Connection 09/14/16 & 03/19/17

Agenda - District Administrative Council 5/22/17

Agenda - District Administrative Council 01/25/17

YCCD Budget Updates 5/25/17

Agenda - BOT 6/10/15

Minutes - BOT 6/10/15

Agenda - Joint Exec Meeting 5/25/17

Agenda - Joint Exec Meeting 1/13/17

Martin Assigned to Columbia College Pilot Section

Minutes - District Council 3/22/17

Minutes - District Council 1/25/17

YCCD Five Year Plan: Strategic Vision 2016-2021

LTAC Evaluation Survey Form

Functional Map

Board Connection 12/16/16

Board Connection 1/13/17

Agenda - BOT 9/10/2014

Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting Schedule 2015-2016

YCCD Policies and Administrative Procedures

Public Affairs Program Review 2016

Minutes - Resource Allocation Council (IELM Funding) 01/13/17

IELM Budget Requests 2017

Program Review Assessment Cycle

Curriculum Matrix

Research & Planning Data Dashboard

Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests 2015-2016

President Job Description

Chancellor Job Description

LTAC Handbook

College Council Representatives

DTAC Charge

YCCD Policy Review Status

Academic Senate Bylaws

CSEA Contract

ASMJC Bylaws

MJC Organizational Chart

MJC Instruction Organizational Chart

MJC Student Services Organizational Chart

MJC College Administrative Services Organizational Chart

District Council Statement of Principles

MJC Candy Bar Survey Data 2015

Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Substantive Change - Distance Education (2015)

Engaging All Voices - College Council Survey

2016-2017 IEPI Goals and Institutional Set Standards

CurricUnet Program Review Reports

CCCCO Program and Course Approval Handbook

Presidential Evaluation Timeline

Fall 2015 Institute Day Agenda

Sample of President's Calendar

CLCC Conference Agenda 2016

BOT Study Session - Agenda 

Agenda - BOT 04/09/14

Minutes - BOT 04/09/14

Minutes - BOT 9/10/14

Minutes - BOT 2/8/12

Minutes - BOT 5/13/15

Minutes - BOT 3/11/15

Special Priorities 2015-2016 

Job Description - Marketing and Public Relations

Management Appraisal Form

Reflection - Design for Success 2/1/15

Job Description -Dean of Advancement

Job Description - Director of the Center of Excellence

Job Description - Marketing and Public Information Officer

Job Description - Director of Grants

Job Description - Vice President College Administrative Services

Job Description - Vice President Student Services

Minutes - BOT - Mission 5/11/16

Disney Institute Training 2016

Great Teacher Retreat 2015

Job Description - Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Research

Reflections 12/4/15

Reflections 11/16/15

Coffee & Conversation 3/29/16

Reflections 1/15/16 

Research and Planning Website

Presidential Job Description

Agenda - College Council 1/25/16

Minutes - College Council 1/25/16

Minutes - College Council 10/28/13

Minutes - College Council 3/9/15

Minutes - College Council 4/13/15

Minutes - College Council 4/28/14

Minutes - Instruction Council 1/17/17

Agenda - Board of Trustees Meeting 6/8/16

YCCD Connection

Board of Trustees Website

District Council Website

New Student Day Participation Recruitment Email

New Student Day Announcement

Institute Day Website

Student Success and Equity Documents

District Council Documents

Academic Senate Documents

Accreditation Council Documents

College Council Documents

Facilities Council Documents

Instruction Council Documents

Resource Allocation Council Documents

Facilities Council Website

Curriculum Committee Website

College Council Website

Board Policy and Procedure Review Process

BP 1100 (The Yosemite Community College District)
BP 1200 (District Mission)
BP 2010 (Board Membership)
BP 2015 (Student Member)
BP 2100 (Board Elections)
BP 2105 (Election of Student Member)
BP 2110 (Vacancies on the Board)
BP 2200 (Board Duties and Responsibilities)
BP 2210 (Officers)
BP 2220 (Committees of the Board)
BP 2305 (Annual Organizational Meeting)
BP 2310 (Regular Meetings of the Board
BP 2315 (Closed Sessions)
BP 2320 (Special and Emergency Meetings)
BP 2330 (Quorum and Voting)
BP 2340 (Agendas)
BP 2345 (Public Participation at Board Meetings)
BP 2350 (Speakers)
BP 2355 (Decorum)
BP 2360 (Minutes)
BP 2365 (Recording)
BP 2410 (Board Policies and Administrative Procedures)
BP 2430 (Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor)
BP 2430.1 (Delegation of Authority to the President)
BP 2431 (CEO Selection Chancellor/President)
BP 2432 (District Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Succession)
BP 2435 (Evaluation of Chancellor)
BP 2510 (Participation in Local Decision-Making)
BP 2610 (Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals)
BP 2710 (Conflict of Interest)
BP 2712 (Conflict of Interest Code)
BP 2714 (Distribution of Tickets or Passes)
BP 2715 (Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice)
BP 2716 (Political Activity)
BP 2717 (Personal Use of Public Resources)
BP 2720 (Communications Among Board Members)
BP 2725 (Board Member Compensation)
BP 2730 (Board Member Health Benefits)
BP 2735 (Board Member Travel)
BP 2740 (Board Education)
BP 2745 (Board Self-Evaluation)
BP 2-8075 (Parliamentary Procedure)
BP 3050 (Institutional Code of Ethics)
BP 3100 (Organizational Structure)
BP 3200 (Accreditation)
BP 3225 (Institutional Effectiveness)
BP 3250 (Institutional Planning
BP 3280 (Grants)
BP 3300 (Public Records)
BP 3310 (Records Retention and Destruction)
BP 3410 (Nondiscrimination)
BP 3420 (Equal Employment Opportunity)
BP 3430 (Prohibition of Harassment)
BP 3435 (Discrimination and Harassment Complaints and Investigations)
BP 3440 (Service Animals)
BP 3500 (Campus Safety/Security)
BP 3501 (Campus Security and Access)
BP 3503 (Missing Student Notification)
BP 3510 (Workplace Violence)
BP 3515 (Reporting of Crimes)
BP 3518 (Child Abuse Reporting)
BP 3530 (Weapons on Campus)
BP 3540 (Sex/Gender Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct)
BP 3550 (Drug-Free Workplace)
BP 3560 (Alcoholic Beverages, Intoxicants, and Narcotics)
BP 3570 (Smoking)
BP 3600 (Auxiliary Organizations)
BP 3710 (Securing of Copyright)
BP 3715 (Intellectual Property)
BP 3720 (Computer and Network Use)
BP 3810 (Claims Against the District)
BP 3820 (Gifts/Donations to the District)
BP 3900 (Time, Place, and Manner)
BP 3-8001 (Public Communications)
BP 3-8002 (Citizens Advisory Committees)
BP 3-8004 (Soliciting Funds on District Property)
BP 3-8016 (Lost and Found Property)
BP 3-8024 (Energy Management)
BP 3-8025 (Maintenance of Buildings and Property)
BP 3-8026 (Temporary Facilities)
BP 3-8027 (Use of District Keys)
BP 3-8030 (Copyrights - Computer Software)
BP 3-8032 (Privately Owned Transportation)
BP 3-8033 (Safety in District Vehicles)
BP 3-8035 (Display of Flags)
BP 3-8069 (Outside Speakers)
BP 3-8071 (Populations Served)
BP 3-8072 (Unattended Minors)
BP 3-8073 (Emergency Preparedness/Hazard Mitigation)
BP 4010 (College Calendars)
BP 4020 (Program and Curriculum Development)
BP 4021 (Program Discontinuance)
BP 4025 (Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education)
BP 4030 (Academic Freedom - Faculty)
BP 4040 (Library Services)
BP 4050 (Articulation Agreements)
BP 4060 (Delineation of Functions Agreement)
BP 4070 (Auditing and Auditing Fees)
BP 4100 (Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates)
BP 4110 (Honorary Degrees)
BP/AP 4220 (Standards of Scholarship)
BP 4230 (Grading and Academic Record Symbols)
BP 4235 (Credit by Examination)
BP/AP 4240 Academic Renewal
BP/AP 4250 (Probation, Disqualification, and Readmission)
BP/AP 4260 (Prerequisites and Corequisites)
BP 4300 (Field Trips and Excursions)
BP 4400 (Community Education)
BP 4-8059 (Open Classes)
BP 4-8060 (Schedule of Classes)
BP 4-8061 (Library Acquisitions)
BP 4-8062 (Evaluation of Instructional Programs)
BP 4-8063 (Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials)
BP/AP 4-8065 (Syllabus)
BP 4-8066 (Nondiscrimination of Instruction)
BP 4-8067 (Sectarian, Partisan, or Denominational Teaching)
BP 4-8070 (International Education)
BP 4-8074 (Human Subject Research Protection)
BP 5010 (Admissions)
BP 5015 (Residence Determination)
BP 5020 (Nonresident Tuition)
BP 5030 (Fees)
BP 5035 (Withholding of Student Records)
BP 5040 (Student Records, Directory Information, and Privacy)
BP/AP 5045 (Transcript Records)
BP 5050 (Student Success and Support Program)
BP 5052 (Open Classes)
BP 5055 (Registration Priorities)
BP 5070 (Student Attendance)
BP 5110 (Counseling)
BP 5120 (Transfer Center)
BP 5130 (Financial Aid)
BP 5140 (Disabled Student Programs and Services)
BP 5150 (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services)
BP 5200 (Student Health Services)
BP 5205 (Student Accident Insurance)
BP 5210 (Communicable Disease)
BP 5300 (Student Equity)
BP 5400 (Associated Student Organizations)
BP 5410 (Associated Student Elections)
BP 5420 (Associated Student Finance - Fund)
BP 5500 (Standards of Student Conduct)
BP 5530 (Complaint Policy)
BP 5570 (Student Credit Card Solicitation)
BP 5700 (Intercollegiate Athletics)
BP 5-8003 (Student Production of Goods and Services)
BP 5-8068 (Student Publications)
BP 5-8081 (Academic Freedom - Students)
BP 6100 (Fiscal Responsibility)
BP/AP 6200 (Budget Planning)
BP 6250 (Budget Adoption and Administration)
BP/AP 6300 (Fiscal Management)
BP 6315 (Warrants)
BP 6320 (Investment of District Funds)
BP/AP 6330 (Purchasing)
BP/AP 6340 (Contracts—Purchasing)
BP 6400 (Audits)
BP 6530 (Authorization to Drive District Vehicles)
BP 6535 (Use of District Equipment)
BP 6540 (Insurance)
BP 6550 (Disposal of Surplus Property)
BP 6600 (Capital Construction)
BP 6620 (Naming of Facilities)
BP/AP 6740 (Citizens Oversight Committee)
BP 6800 (Safety)
BP/AO 6-8010 (Depositories)
BP/AP 6-8011 (Revolving Cash Fund)
BP/AP 6-8012 (Fund Drives or Solicitations)
BP/AP 6-8013 (Control of Fixed Assets)
BP/AP 6-8014 (Transaction/Employee-District)
BP/AP 6-8015 (Grant Accounting)
BP/AP 6-8019 (Use of Personal Property by Students)
BP 6-8021 (Contract Payments)
BP 6-8022 (Periodic Financial-Statistical Reports)
BP 6-8040 (Claims for Money or Damages)
BP/AP 7100 (Commitment to Diversity)
BP/AP 7110 (Delegation of Authority, Human Resources)
BP/AP 7120 (Recruitment and Hiring)
BP 7125 (Verification of Eligibility for Employment)
BP 7126 (Applicant Background Check)
BP/AP 7150 (Evaluation)
BP 7160 (Professional Development)
BP 7210 (Academic Employees)
BP 7250 (Educational Administrators)
BP 7337 (Fingerprinting)
BP 7-8038 (Release of Confidential Information)
BP 7-8048 (Written Acceptance of Contract)
BP 7-8049 (Academic Senates)
BP 7-8058 (Non-Descrimination, EEO)

Resource Allocation Council (RAC)

Minutes - Curriculum Committee 1/12/16

ACCJC Substantive Change Approval - DE 5/20/16


Transfer Admission Guarantee Website

Achieving the Dream Status Report 4/27/16

Minutes - BOT BS Respiratory Care 2/10/16

Catalog 2016-2017

Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH)

Title 5 § 51022 (a) - Instructional Programs

Academic Senate - Program Viability Process 2/19/14

Minutes - BOT Student Equity Plan Approval 12/9/15

Agenda - District Council 1/27/16

Minutes - District Council 1/27/16

Minutes - College Council 11/24/14

EEO Plan 2015

Survey - RAC

Minutes - BOT - EEO Plan 6/10/15

YFA Contract

Title 5 § 53200 - Definitions

Title 5 § 53000 - Scope and Intent

Title 5 § 51023.5 - Staff

Title 5 § 51023.7 - Students

Title 5 § 53203 - Powers

Program Review - Ag Bus Spring 2016

Survey - Candy Bar

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