2016 Substantive Change Proposal Evidence (Appendix Documents)


Appendix A: 
Online Percentage for Programs

Appendix B:
How Percentage of DE was Calculated

Appendix C:
Fall 2014 Distance Education Enrollments

Appendix D: 
Table 2.2: 2013-2015 Distance Education FTES by Program Type

Appendix E: 
MJC Online Instruction Program Completers, Summer 2012-Summer 2015

Appendix F:
MJC Certified Online Instructors

Appendix G: 
Modesto Junior College Distance Education Plan 2012-2017

Appendix H: 
Addendum to the Modesto Junior College Distance Education Plan 2012-2017 
Progress on Stated Goals as of Spring 2014

Appendix I: 
2013-2015 Distance and Non Distance Education Demographics 

Appendix J: 
Modesto Junior College and State of California 2014-2015 Distance Education Program Success and Retention Comparison 

Appendix K: 
Modesto Junior College Distance Education Vs. Face to Face Success and Retention Comparison

Appendix L:
Modesto Junior College Student Readiness Statistics as of Spring 2015

Appendix M:
CCCCO Curriculum Inventory - Programs

Appendix N:
Board of Trustees - Program Approval Minutes

Appendix O:
Online Instructor Syllabi

Reference Links:

MJC Website
MJC Catalog 
Board of Trustees September 11, 2013 Minutes (MJC Mission Approved)
Online Services for Students
Online Readiness Quiz for Students
Disabled Student Programs and Services
Library & Learning Center Webpage
Services for Distance Learners
Modesto Junior College Distance Education Plan 2012-2017 (Revised Dec. 9)
@One Online Certification Program
YCCD Board of Trustees
Board Policy 4020
2430, Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor
2430.1, Delegation of Authority to the Presidents
2015 Student Success Scorecard
Curriculum Committee Webpage
Outcomes Assessment Workgroup
Board Policy 4030
Board Policy 5-8081
Engaging all Voices, MJC Participatory Decision-Making Handbook
Vice President of Instruction/Office of Instruction
Letter from the Commission (Removal of Probation, February 7, 2014)
Commission Action Letter (February 1, 2012)
2012 Follow-Up Report
2013 Follow-Up Report
YFA Article 37: Online Instruction
Distance Education Management Structure