Substantive Change Evidence: Respiratory Care (Appendix Documents)


Appendix A:
Senate Bill 850 (Block)

Appendix B:
Academic Senate Meeting Minutes, October 30, 2014

Appendix C:
College Council Minutes, October 27, November 10, November 24 BA was discussed.

Appendix D:
CCCCO Press Release: Twelve California Community Colleges receive final approval from Board of Governors to offer bachelor’s degrees

Appendix E:
Baccalaureate Degree - Respiratory Care Approval BOT 2/10/16

Appendix F:
ACCJC Substantive Change - Baccalaureate Degree Approval

Appendix G:
Baccalaureate Degree – Respiratory Care Course/Program Approval & CCCCO Approval

Appendix H:
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Daily Air Quality Forecast

Appendix I:
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for Respiratory Therapists

Appendix J:
CSRS Position Paper

Appendix K:
AARC Position Paper

Appendix L:
American Association of Respiratory Care Degree Advancement Programs in Respiratory Care

Appendix M:
Respiratory Therapists – Central Valley Region

Appendix N:
Letter of reaffirmation of accreditation dated February 7, 2014

Appendix O:
CoArc Accreditation Standards 2015

Appendix P:
Implementation Task Force Roster


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